Warren F. Kimball


Kimball, Warren F. "Openness and the CIA." Studies in Intelligence 10 (Winter-Spring 2001): 63-67.

The author argues that "[t]he important details of history, even intelligence history, can be declassified without jeopardizing national security or individuals." [emphasis in original]


Kimball, Warren F. "Roosevelt and the Pre-War Commitments to Churchill: The Tyler Kent Affair." Diplomatic History 5 (Fall 1981): 291-311. [Petersen]


Kimball, Warren F., ed. America Unbound: World War II and the Making of a Superpower. New York: St. Martin's, 1992.

Surveillant 2.6: Of the nine papers in this book, two discuss intelligence organizations: Bradley F. Smith, "America and Wartime Changes in Intelligence"; and Hayden B. Peake, "Soviet Espionage in the Office of Strategic Services."


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