Zdzislaw J. Kapera


Kapera, Zdzislaw J. In the Shadow of Pont du Gard: The Polish Enigma in Vichy France (June 1940 to November 1942). Krakow: The Enigma Press, 2011.

Christensen, Cryptologia 36.2 (Apr. 2012), finds that this book "describes in detail the work of the Polish codebreakers in Vichy France" and "is a welcome addition to information about the Polish codebreakers."


Kapera, Zdzislaw J. "Summary Report of the State of the Soviet Military Sigint in November 1942 Noticing 'ENIGMA.'" Cryptologia 35, no 3 (Jul. 2011):247-256.

The author offers an assessment of a Soviet document from the GRU chief to Stalin, dated 29 November 1942. He sees it as affirming David Kahn's belief that the Soviets had broken into ENIGMA by November 1942.


Kapera, Zdzislaw J., ed. Before Ultra There Was Gale: Some Contributions to the History of the Polish Enigma, 1939-1942. The Enigma Bulletin, No. 6. Mogilany, Poland: The Enigma Press, 2002.

Kruh, Cryptologia 27.4, notes that these essays come out of a conference on "The Contribution of Polish Intelligence to the Allied Victory in the Second World War," and mark the 70th anniversary (2002) of the breaking of the military Enigma by the Polish mathematician Marian Rejewski. This work provides "interesting reading about the vital role of the Polish Cipher Bureau in the Enigma battle."

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