Al Kamen


Kamen, Al. "Alexander Named to Run NSA." Washington Post, 6 Jul. 2005, A15. []

Army Lt. Gen. Keith B. Alexander has been nominated by President Bush for assignment as Director, National Security Agency, and Chief, Central Security Service, Fort Meade.


Kamen, Al. "The DNI and the DNIplos." Washington Post, 6 Jul. 2005, A15. []

DNI John D. Negroponte is naming Kenneth C. Brill, former ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency and currently international affairs adviser to the commandant of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, to the post of "director of the National Counterproliferation Center, an Executive Level II job (it outranks undersecretaries)."


Kamen, Al. "In the Loop: Leaving Langley." Washington Post, 19 Feb. 2009, A13. []

CIA Inspector General John L. Helgerson announced on 18 February 2009 that "he will retire from the federal government in 30 days."

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Kamen, Al. "The Lie Detector that Didn't." Washington Post, 17 Sep. 1999, A23. [http://]

On 14 September 1999, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson took a polygraph test to set an example for department scientists unhappy about the prospect of being polygraphed themselves "on espionage matters."


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