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Hosenball, Mark. "CIA Says Its Inspector General Is Resigning at End of Month." Reuters via, 5 Jan. 2015.

In a statement on 5 January 2015, the CIA said "CIA inspector general David Buckley ... is resigning effective Jan. 31" Buckley "has served as the agency's internal watchdog for more than four years." He is leaving "to 'pursue an opportunity in the private sector.'" See also, Dustin Volz, "The CIA's Watchdog Is Resigning After Revealing That Spies Hacked the Senate," National Journal, 5 Jan. 2015.

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Hosenball, Mark. "Pentagon Spies Build New Database on Foreign and Domestic Threats." Newsweek, 18 Jun. 2010. []

DIA spokesman Donald Black said that "material entered into the new [DIA/DCHC] database [will] be carefully reviewed ... to ensure that out-of-date, discredited, or irrelevant data on individuals would be destroyed if there was no longer a good reason to keep it." He added that the "database would not include the highly controversial aspects of TALON," CIFA's controversial database. "The Pentagon shut down TALON in 2007 after revelations that CIFA ... had assembled files on peace marchers and other nonviolent antiwar protestors." According to two U.S. officials, "while CIFA had been disbanded on paper, many of its personnel and some of its functions were transferred to DCHC. One of the officials said that DCHC is now in the same office space that CIFA once occupied."


Hosenball, Mark. "Two CIA Contractors Spirited Out of Pakistan." Reuters, 23 Feb. 2011. []

"Two U.S. citizens with diplomatic status were quietly withdrawn from Pakistan after being involved in a fatal car accident last month while trying to help Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor being held by Pakistani authorities on murder charges. Two officials familiar with U.S. government activities in Pakistan said the two Americans who left the country worked for the CIA under contract as protective officers."


Hosenball, Mark. "What October Surprise?" Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 29 Apr.-5 May 1991, 24-25.

Keying off Gary Sick's New York Times article and the PBS "Frontline" story, the author reviews some of the "evidence" and cast of characters in the October Surprise scenario. He concludes almost sadly that the facts simply are not there for the kind of plot that is the cornerstone of the accusations.


Hosenball, Mark. "You're Fired." Newsweek,17 Jan. 2005, 10.

"In curt form letters sent out in November, CIA Director Porter Goss told members of three secretive CIA advisory panels their services were no longer required.... Intel sources say Kissinger was among those who felt unhappy about their treatment."


Hosenball, Mark, and Daniel Klaidman. "The Slow Boat to China Crew: Did the Feds Take Too Long to Investigate the Lee Case? " Newsweek, 10 May 1999. []

"Government officials tell Newsweek that both the Energy Department and the FBI failed to act aggressively on suspicions that [Wen Ho] Lee may have been leaking secrets despite warning signs that spanned nearly 20 years."


Hosenball, Mark, and Daniel Klaidman. "Unleasing 'Golden Tiger' on Beijing." Newsweek, 19 Apr. 1999, 42.

A U.S. task force, codenamed "Golden Tiger," will investigate unsolved cases of Chinese technology smuggling and acquisition of military and technological secrets.


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