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[UK/Postwar/Malaya & SAS]

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Cavell was the English-born matron at a Brussels hospital when the Germans pushed across Belgium at the opening of World War I. The rapid German advance trapped Allied soldiers behind the lines. Cavell cared for the sick and wounded and helped smuggle out the healthy ones. Captured by the Germans, she was shot as a spy in 1915.

[Women/WWI; WWI/UK]

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Table of Contents:

Part 1. Delilah's Disciples

1. Spy for the Continental Army: Lydia Darragh, 1777

2. A Rainy Sunday in Greeneville: Sarah Thompson, 1864

3. The "Alice Service": Louise de Bettignies, 1915

4. The Kaiser's Woman in New York: Maria de Victorica, 1918

Part 2. Women Spies Come of Age

5. Dolls in Mufti: Velvalee Dickinson, 1944

6. Never So Few: Britain's Heroines of World War II

7. Traitors and Crackpots: Britain's Nonheroines of World War II

8. Spy from on High: Barbara Slade, 1943

9. The Woman on Our Conscience: Milada Horakova, 1950.


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Abstract: "The author recounts his experience as operational case officer of the BVD -- the Dutch state security service -- his relationship with MI5/MI6 colleagues in their dealings with the IRA, the Rote Armee Fraktion, and Maoists, in addition to his experience with CIA and MI6 in the 1980s."

[Liaison; OtherCountries/Netherlands]

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Constantinides: "Though Hoettl speaks from first-hand knowledge..., the reader must still be on the lookout for sporadic unsound judgments." In addition, there are "[n]o sources, notes, or documentary supports." Nonetheless, Hoettl served with the Abwehr in Yugoslavia and Italy, and served as the Abwehr intermediary to the OSS "in peace feelers in the later stages of the war."


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