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Zagoria, FA (Jul. 1978), notes that the referenced Korean confrontation involved "the North Korean murder of two U.S. servicemen along the DMZ in August of 1976." This "extraordinarily detailed and informative study" will be "[e]xtremely useful to those interested in the day-to-day management of crises by the security bureaucracy."


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Headley served under both Nathan Bedford Forrest and John Hunt Morgan but is best known for his participation in the "Northwest Conspiracy." He was involved in the November 1864 attempt to burn part of New York City and in a January 1865 effort to kidnap Vice President-elect Andrew Johnson.


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Milivojevic, I&NS 2.2, finds this to be a "convincing account of how Hambleton was recruited and controlled over a long period of time." Hambleton, a Canadian citizen, spent 10 years in a British prison after his trial in 1982 for espionage in NATO in the 1950s.

[Canada/Spies; UK/SpyCases/Other]

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[GenPostCW/Peacekeeping; OtherCountries/Ireland/Postwar]

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"[A]lmost every inquiry/commission" into the 9/11 and Iraq policy failures "has focused on the question of why the intelligence was wrong, rather than the question of why the policy makers chose some information/analysis over others as justification for the decisions they made."


Hedley, John H.

Hedman, Eva-Lotta E. "Late Imperial Romance: Magsaysay, Lansdale and the Philippine-American 'Special Relationship.'" Intelligence and National Security 14, no. 4 (Winter 1999): 181-194.

This deconstructionist essay did not advance the reader's understanding of either Magsaysay or Lansdale -- and certainly not of the U.S.-Philippine relationship.


Heekin, John P. "Leashing the Internet Watchdog: Legislative Restraints on Electronic Surveillance in the U.S. and U.K." American Intelligence Journal 28, no. 1 (2010): 40-58.

Recent developments in both the United States and United Kingdom "indicate a shift toward greater government power to implement electronic surveillance and communications intercept operations, but the mechanisms of oversight persist as well."

[FBI/DomSec/Surveillance/From90s; UK/PostCW/Gen]

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The author identifies the number one requirements problem as "the problem of how to formulate needs and priorities in such a way as to facilitate the satisfaction of needs in a degree roughly proportionate to their priorities, through the most effective use of the collection means available."


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With regard to the German-language edition (1993), Frank, WIR 13.6, comments that this compendium is based on 80 original declassified OSS documents. "The authors have done a superior job in using footnotes to identify persons and events referred to in the OSS reports.... Perhaps the most serious shortcoming ... is the authors' failure to give Donovan credit for doing what he could.... [The book's] unbiased presentation of the facts makes it a significant contribution to World War II intelligence literature."

Surveillant 4.4/5 notes that the documents included here describe the extent of U.S. knowledge of German resistance to Hitler, U.S. reactions to peace feelers from resistance groups, and OSS psychological operations to undermine German morale. Powers, NYRB, 9 Jan. 1997, found the documents included here to be "extremely useful."

[WWII/OSS/GerOps & Eur/Germany/Res]

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The architects of the National Security Act of 1947 "would, I believe, be greatly surprised, perhaps even incensed, by today's neglect of strategic intelligence in the Intelligence Community. Strategic intelligence collection and analysis is a capability they took pains to preserve; we are perilously close to losing it."


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McGehee, CIABASE, January 1995 Update Report says that this book "portrays the close relationship between the CIA and the Reader's Digest." It "names individuals, publications and books authored as part of the CIA's propaganda."


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