Jonathan Haslam


Haslam, Jonathan. "The KAL Shootdown (1983) and the State of Soviet Air Defence." Intelligence and National Security 3, no. 4 (Oct. 1988): 128-133.

"[I]t might be no exaggeration to describe [the Soviet air defense system] as the agricultural sector of the Soviet armed forces."


Haslam, Jonathan. The Nixon Administration and the Death of Allende's Chile: A Case of Assisted Suicide. London: Verso, 2005.

Jeffreys-Jones, I&NS 22.3 (Jun. 2007), praises the author for his "cosmopolitan erudition," "acumen," and "eye for telling detail." However, he faults Haslam for his position that Allende's economic policy was doomed to failure. That may be true, but U.S. economic sabotage made that impossible to know.


Haslam, Jonathan. Russia's Cold War: From the October Revolution to the Fall of the Wall. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2011.

Burleigh, Telegraph (London), 20 Feb. 2011, sees this as "the first comprehensive account of Soviet policy between the October Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall." The author uses "an astonishing array of original materials that take readers into the heart of decision-making in Moscow and its satellites.... Although Haslam is against the general scholarly trend in his repeated focus on Germany and central Europe, he gives fascinating vignettes of the proxy conflicts which the superpowers and their surrogates waged in various Third World contexts."

For Legvold, FA 90.2 (Mar.-Apr. 2011), this work traces the history of Soviet foreign policy in a "seamless, comprehensive fashion.... [T]he previously untapped testimony of aides and subordinates to key Soviet officials offers the most interesting and surprising insights into Soviet decision-making." Pringle, IJI&C 24.4 (Winter 2011-2012), finds this to be a "carefully and clearly written history." The author addresses "issues not understood well in the West." However, Haslam has "a tendency to rely on his private undocumented sources for intelligence information." Peake, Studies 55.3 (Sep. 2011), notes that intelligence "is not a major theme," but is "part of the narrative" throughout.

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Haslam, Jonathan. "Stalin's Fears of a Separate Peace, 1942." Intelligence and National Security 8, no. 4 (Oct. 1993): 97-99.

Little new or even interesting here.


Haslam, Jonathan, and Karina Urbach, eds. Secret Intelligence in the European States System, 1918-1989. Redwood City, CA: Stanford University Press, 2014.

Peake, Studies 58.2 (Jun. 2014), comments that the contributors to this edited work assess "the impact of strategic intelligence on seven topics, while setting out the scholarly prerequisites for future historians."


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