Donald Harvey

[RADM/USN (Ret.)]


Harvey, Donald [RADM/USN (Ret.)]

1. "Intelligence Notebook: Japanese Military Intelligence Unit Forming." Periscope 20, no. 7 (1995): 8.

"The budget proposals of the Japanese Defense Ministry for the next fiscal year beginning in April indicate the intent to form a Defense intelligence organization. The new unit, at present called simply the 'Intelligence Headquarters,' would come under the Joint Staff Council.... The budget request is for $65 million ... to set up a 1,650-member unit headed by a full general or admiral. The organization would bring together the five separate intelligence units of the army, navy and air force, the ministry and the Defense Technology Institute.... It had been reported earlier that the Japanese have concluded they can no longer be dependent on intelligence support provided by the United States."

2. "Intelligence Notebook: Japan's Joint Intelligence Center Now Open." Periscope 22, no. 3 (Jul. 1997): 7.

"About 1,600 civilian and military personnel have begun work in the new Defense Intelligence Headquarters in Tokyo.... Japan will continue to rely heavily on US intelligence but intends to build up its own capabilities."


Harvey, Donald [RADM/USN (Ret.)]. "Intelligence Notes." American Intelligence Journal 16, no. 1 (Spring-Summer 1995): 94.

Harvey, Donald [RADM/USN (Ret.)]. "MI5 Jobs Up but Bodies Down." Periscope 22, no. 1 (1997): 8.

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Harvey, Donald [RADM/USN (Ret.)]. "Overhaul of Organization and Culture at NSA." AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes 44-00 (3 Nov. 2000).

"The most wide-sweeping cultural transformation and organizational reorientation at National Security Agency in many years was recently announced by NSA Director, Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden.... The new 'Executive Leadership Team' has fewer members than its predecessor and concentrates on corporate-wide, strategic issues rather than day-to-day operations. The current leadership team consists of General Hayden, Deputy Director Bill Black (a retiree recalled to active duty), and the agency's deputy directors for operations, information assurance and technology.

"A new office of the chief of staff ... has replaced the executive director and corporate management divisions. New 'associate director' slots have been created to handle the agency's information technology, human resources, installation and logistics functions with a fourth associate director in charge of the agency's National Cryptologic School.... The agency now has a Chief Financial Manager, a Chief Information Officer, a Senior Acquisition Executive, a Transformation Office, and a division whose primary function is to assure the well-being of the highly stressed information technology infrastructure. These latter offices operate under the Chief of Staff.

"Widely known throughout the intelligence community as having an entrenched hierarchy dedicated to doing business largely the way the hierarchy desired -- regardless of the particular flag officer detailed to be the director -- the NSA now has a centralized management structure with much of the power concentrated directly under the director and his deputy....The remarkable thing is that Hayden seems to have most of the major players -- DOD, DCI, NSA senior people, Congress, etc. -- at least tacitly agreeing with his thrust."



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