Edward D.R. Harrison


Harrison, Edward D.R. "British Radio Security and Intelligence, 1939-43." English Historical Review 124 (2009): 53-93.

Royal Historical Society Database note: "Organisation established to intercept the wireless messages of enemy spies."


Harrison, Edward D.R. "The British Special Operations Executive and Poland." Historical Journal 43, no. 4 (2000): 1071-1091.

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Harrison, Edward D.R. "British Subversion in French East Africa, 1941-42: SOE's Todd Mission." English Historical Review 114 (Apr. 1999): 339-369.

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Harrison, Edward D.R. France and British Intelligence in World War Two. Working Papers in Intelligence & Security Studies, no. 1. Salford, UK: European Studies Research Institute, 2004.

This is a brief (42 pages) overview.

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Harrison, Edward D.R. "J.C. Masterman and the Security Service, 1940-72." Intelligence and National Security 24, no. 6 (Dec. 2009): 769-804.

"As the public image of the British secret services deteriorated during the 1960s, Masterman believed that MI5 did not grasp how his book could promote its interests, and so he insisted on forcing through publication anyway. The correspondence from serving and former MI5 officers in Masterman's papers vividly illustrate changing attitudes to official secrecy and the declining ability of the British Government to enforce it."


Harrison, Edward. The Young Kim Philby: Soviet Spy and British Intelligence Officer. Exeter, UK: University of Exeter Press, 2012.

Norton-Taylor, Guardian, 27 Sep. 2012, comments that how Philby got to "the heart of Britain's secret cold war ... is described in detail, some of it fresh, most of it very telling." For Peake, Studies 57.1 (Mar. 2013), "Harrison adds considerably to the understanding of Philby's personal relationships, his use of ULTRA material, and the operations he ran while in charge of counterintelligence in the Iberian section." However, "[t]here are several instances in which Harrison resorts to questionable speculation in interpreting events." Nevertheless, "[o]verall, The Young Kim Philby is "solidly researched, well documented and informative."

To West, IJI&C 26.4 (Winter 2013-2014), this is a "rather good account" of Philby's early life, providing "a careful, balanced description of one spy's post-university career." Even though "the occasional detail can be faulted," the pluses in this work "far outweigh the few negatives."


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