Oleg Gordievsky


Gordievsky, Oleg. "... but I say he's the best man." Telegraph (London), 9 May 2004.

Reacting to some of the negative commentary garnered by John Scarlett's appointment to head MI6, Gordievsky states "I know John to be a man of the highest personal integrity. He was my case officer when I was [a] secret agent working for MI6 inside the KGB. He was outstandingly good at his job: careful and precise, he never jeopardised my safety -- but he always tried to ensure that I provided the information that would be of most use.... [T]he last three years he has spent as Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) have given him a unique insight into the intelligence network ... now co-operating across the globe to thwart al-Qaeda."


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Some odds and ends about the KGB's "extremely methodical" handling of documents and files.


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The former KGB officer suggests that the "most important component" in Hanssen's "survival as a spy ... was his decision never to meet anyone from the KGB face to face.... Hanssen's caution ensured that he never attracted any attention from the FBI's molehunters.... [H]is survival in a position where the usual life-span is measured in months rather than years is a testament to his toughness."


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The former KGB officer offers praise for Eliza Manningham-Buller's being named to head MI5 -- "the best news for the service in a decade.... [W]hat will make Eliza such a good head of MI5 isn't that she has a smooth and agreeable exterior; the secret of her success will be that she has been an exceptional operational officer."


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