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[CIA/Angleton/Related; Russia/Sov/Defectors & Disinformation]

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The author reports on his and Robert W. Allardyce's research which forms the basis for the book Desired Track. He concludes that "the Korean airliner, until the last few minutes of its flight, was on a preplanned flight plan that was designed to take it into Soviet airspace." He follows that conclusion with the assumption of an intelligence-collection mission. This is a provocative finding, with the main points behind it well laid out in the article. The big problem is that even the Russians do not agree with him.

2. And Robert W. Allardyce. Desired Track: The Tragic Flight of KAL Flight 007. 2 vols. Findley, OH: American Vision Publishing, 1994.

According to Hopkins, I&NS 11.4, the authors "offer the arguable but ultimately unsatisfying claim that the KAL 747 ... could not have flown the errant course accepted by the International Civil Aviation Organization." They, then. "leap beyond the bounds of their data" to conclude that "because the Korean airliner was off course it must have flown 'a preplanned course designed to take it into Soviet airspace.'" In their presentation, the authors "selectively distort their evidence to prove their own theories."


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http://www.cloakanddagger.com/dagger: "A collection of spy stories from ancient times up to WWI."

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Wilcox identifies this as a "[p]re-World War II account of spies and spying, particularly with respect to Germany."


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The focus here is on what the U.S. Intelligence Community might do to help Latin American countries deal with environmental degradation.


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Cohen, Washington Post, 6 Dec. 2009, finds that this book "typifies much of the contemporary Rand product: brief, lots of bullets and diagrams, thumbnail sketches of conflicts, and a conclusion pleading for further research."


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