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Goberna Falque, Juan R.

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"Before, during and after the five-day war in Caucasus, the intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Georgia played significant roles in the decisions and actions of their respective governments."

[OtherCountries/Georgia; Russia/00s/08]

Goddard, Dale, with Lester K. Coleman. Trail of the Octopus: From Beirut to Lockerbie -- Inside the DIA. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 1993. The Trail of the Octopus: The DEA, the CIA, and the Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 -- The True Story of How the U.S. and British Governments Conspired to Cover Up the Lockerbie Disaster. [U.S.]: Argonaut Press, 1995.

According to WIR 13.2, this is the story of Lester Coleman, who claims he was on a mission for "the world's most secretive and well-funded espionage organization--the Defense Intelligence Agency" which eventually involved the Pan Am explosion over Lockerbie. Clark comment: Is this fiction? Obviously, the 1993 title was deemed misdirected for maximum impact, so we see an adjustment in 1995 to the agencies then catching some heat.

[CIA/Accusations; MI/DIA/90s]

Goddard, George W., with DeWitt S. Copp. Overview: A Life-Long Adventure in Aerial Photography. Garden City, NJ: Doubleday, 1969.

Pforzheimer notes that Goddard was "the pioneer of long-range high altitude photography and the developer of the strip camera." The book "does not provide a satisfactory discussion of the intelligence application of Goddard's technology."


Godfrey, E. Drexel. "Ethics and Intelligence." Foreign Affairs 56, no. 3 (Apr. 1978): 624-642.

Clark comment: This remains an important basis for discussion of its subject. See response by Arthur L. Jacobs, "Comments & Correspondence," Foreign Affairs 56, no. 4 (Jul. 1978): 867-875.


Godson, Roy - as author

Godson, Roy - as editor and with others

Goehlert, Robert, and Elizabeth R. Hoffmeister, eds. The CIA: A Bibliography. Monticello, IL: Vance Bibliographies, 1980.

Clark comment: There are numerous newspaper and popular magazine articles listed here, but the entries are not annotated. The work is of limited use to the serious researcher.


Goetz, John, and Matthew Campbell. "Germany Seeks CIA Spy Dossier." Sunday Times (London), 21 Mar. 1999.

The CIA "is ready to return files from the former East German Stasi spy agency which include the names of 3,000 agents who spied on West Germany for the communists." Ernst Uhrlau, the coordinator of German secret services, said he had "assurances from George Tenet ... that the files will be handed over.... He said the CIA and the German secret services had agreed to make 'intensive joint use' of the files." Associated Press, 22 March 1999, quotes German television ZDF as stating that the United States has agreed to turn over the Stasi files. The report adds that a "government spokesman confirmed the report, but said the two sides agreed not to discuss details."


Goguelin, Romain. "Russian Military Officer Convicted of Spying for the CIA and Sent to Prison." Associated Press, 10 Feb. 2012. [http://abcnews.go.com]

On 10 February 2012, a military court convicted Lt. Col. Vladimir Nesterets of "providing the CIA with secret information on Russia's new intercontinental ballistic missiles and sentenced him to 13 years in prison." The Federal Security Service "said Nesterets committed treason as he worked as a senior engineer at the Plesetsk launch pad in northwestern Russia, a facility the military uses to launch satellites and test its new missile systems."


Golan, Aviezer. Operation SUSANNAH: As Told by Marcelle Ninio, Victor Levy, Robert Dassa and Philip Nathanson. New York: Harper & Row, 1978.

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