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Gleichauf, Justin F. "A Listening Post in Miami." Studies in Intelligence 10 (Winter-Spring 2001): 49-53.

The author served as head of the field office of the DI's Domestic Contacts Division from its establishment in 1959 through the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Gleichauf, Justin F. "Red Presence in Cuba: The Genesis of a Crisis." Army 29 (Nov. 1979): 34-38. [Petersen]


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Schwab, Perspectives on Politics 1.2, calls this work "a superb study of the intersection of U.S., Soviet, and Cuban political, diplomatic, and military strategy in Africa during the height of the Cold War. Conflicting Missions is dazzlingly researched, and ... so beautifully crafted and thorough that it is mesmerizing." The author "makes the argument that decisions regarding Cuban military activity in Africa were fashioned almost entirely independent of Moscow. Indeed, the USSR was often informed only after the fact."

For Berger, I&NS 19.1, this work "is a masterful analysis of Cuban involvement in Africa.... It will no doubt stand for many years as the definitive study of Cold War diplomacy in southern Africa." Waters, H-Diplo, H-Net Reviews, Jul. 2002 [], finds that "[t]he bibliography and footnotes in Conflicting Missions are comprehensive, the maps well placed and useful, the photos informative with long and descriptive captions, and the index thorough. Gleijeses writes beautifully, and his judgments are measured and fair. Every chapter begins with a short paragraph that is a hard jewel of concision and elegance."

[CA/Africa/Gen; LA/Cuba/Gen]

Gleijeses, Piero. "'Flee! The White Giants Are Coming!': The United States, the Mercenaries, and the Congo, 1964–65." Diplomatic History 18, no. 2 (Apr. 1994): 207–237.


Gleijeses, Piero. Shattered Hope: The Guatemalan Revolution and the United States, 1944-1954. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1991.

According to Surveillant 1.5, this work is based on a "large number of interviews, including some with CIA officials"; there are "[m]any references to CIA operations." Gugliotta, WPNWE, 1-7 Jul. 1991, finds that Shattered Hope "adds little to the debate" about the Eisenhower administration's role in the overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz in 1954. The work is lacking in "sensational revelations about U.S. motives or actions." Gleijeses does provide "rich detail" about Arbenz.


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Remarks at 27 January 1994 breakfast of ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security. Also reprinted in American Intelligence Journal 14, no. 3 (Autumn-Winter 1993-1994): 74-76.


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According to the publisher, the "updated edition contains the official 1993 Air Force decision" on which pilot actually shot down Yamamoto's plane.


Glines, Carroll V. The Compact History of the United States Air Force. New York: Hawthorne, 1973.

Petersen: "[A]ir intelligence within the broader context of Air Force history."


Glod, Maria. "Judge Schedules Execution for CIA Shootings." Washington Post, 18 Sep. 2002, B2. []

On 17 September 2002, Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Terrence R. Ney scheduled 7 November 2002 for the execution of Mir Aimal Kansi.


Glod, Maria. "Man Who Shot 5 at CIA Loses on Appeal: Death Sentence Remains Intact." Washington Post, 16 Aug. 2002, A4. []

On 15 August 2002, a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the appeal by Mir Aimal Kansi of his death sentence.


Glod, Maria, and Eric M. Weiss. "Kasi Executed for CIA Slayings." Washington Post, 15 Nov. 2002, A1. []

Mir Aimal Kansi was executed by injection on 14 November 2002 for killing two CIA employees and wounding three others outside CIA Headquarters on 25 January 1993.


Gluchowski, L.W. "The Defection of Jozef Swialto and the Search for Jewish Scapegoats in the Polish United Workers' Party, 1953-1954." Intermarium (Columbia University Electronic Journal of Modern East Central European Postwar History) 3, no. 2 (1999). []

"New evidence from the Polish archives suggests that further study of postwar anti- Semitism in Poland, as well as how Polish communist ideologues and guardians of national security investigated Stalinist crimes in Poland, must include greater emphasis on the international component."


Glünder, Georg. Tr., Paul Whitaker. "Wireless and 'Geheimschreiber' Operator in the War, 1941-1945." Cryptologia 26, no. 2 (Apr. 2002): 81-96.

This article represents some memories of the author who began service in the German Army in 1941 as a wireless operator and served through the war.


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