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Gregg William Bergersen, a weapons systems policy analyst at the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, "has been arrested and charged with espionage." He is "accused of passing American military secrets to the Chinese government." In addition, "two Chinese immigrants -- Tai Shen Kuo, 58, and Yu Xin Kang, 33 ... -- were charged with conspiracy to disclose national defense information to a foreign government."

In a separate case, "Dongfan 'Greg' Chung, 72, a Chinese native who is a naturalized U.S. citizen [and] had been an employee of Rockwell International [and Boeing] for more than 30 years" was arrested in Orange County, California, and charged with "economic espionage and acting as an agent of China."


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On 3 April 2009, former U.S. Navy sailor Hassan Abu-Jihaad was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Connecticut to 10 years in prison for providing "al Qaeda supporters secret information about planned ship movements."


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Foot, I&NS 4.3, notes that the author was 19 when the German occupation of the Netherlands began, and "became mildly expert at moving people across the border into Belgium.... [He] explains, with a mass of precise detail, exactly what occupation was like for the Dutch." Nonetheless, "his sense of tact" leads him to present a number of his main characters "under pseudonyms, with their attributes misdescribed."


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Ehrman, Studies 58.2 (Jun. 2014), warns that this "work is overtly political, descending from revisionist histories of US expansionism and imperialism." In addition, it is the product of "horrendous writing." The author "employs tedious postmodern academic jargon to find and explain profound significance in the most mundane aspects of life. This leads him to build complex paragraphs out of long, convoluted sentences." This "ineven book" is "at once captivating, informative, and thought provoking, but also infuriating, simplistic, and disappointing."

[CIA/10s/Gen; GenPostCW/10s/Gen]

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U.S. military planners had a broad understanding of the difficulties facing the Soviet Union as it emerged from World War II and generally perceived the USSR as a long-term threat. Nonetheless, U.S. strategic planners tended to follow a "worst-case" scenario in their perceptions of the potential role of the Soviet Union in Asia.


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Friedman's essay "explores the significance of a trend toward increased recognition of the role of open source information and discusses what this may mean for intelligence consumers at every level."


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This "Review Essay" makes some interesting points about the nature of industrial espionage and the U.S. response.


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Peake, Studies 54.1 (Mar. 2010), notes that the authors use the Stasi files that became available after the GDR's collapse to "address two questions: How did the domestic security and foreign intelligence services of Stasi operate and how effective were they? To add perspective, the book also discusses the roles of the West German intelligence service (BND) and Soviet military intelligence service (GRU)." This book "solidly documents what a dedicated and determined intelligence service, free of the constraints of democratic society, can accomplish. As a work of research and analysis, the book is a benchmark for historians and intelligence professionals."

[Germany/East & West; Russia/To89]

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