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Feuer, A. B., ed. Coast Watching in the Soloman Islands: The Bougainville Reports, December 1941-July 1943. New York: Praeger, 1992.

From publisher: "The story of the Soloman Island coast watchers, primarily Jack Read and Paul Mason, recounting one of the most successful intelligence operations of World War II, especially at the time of the invasion of Guadalcanal."


Feuer, A. B. Commando! The M/Z Units Secret War against Japan. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1996.

The Australian M/Z Units of World War II consisted of the M Units, the information-collecting coastwatchers, and the Z Units, the offensively oriented commandos. The author highlights the dangerous work of U.S. and British submarines in supporting the Australian commandos.

Anderson, Air & Space Power Journal, n.d. [http://www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil/airchronicles/bookrev/feuer.html], says that this "is a relatively enjoyable and easily read book. It provides new and interesting material about a little known aspect of the war." However, readers should "approach this book as a collection of individual accounts, not expecting them to tie together and form a complete history.... Background knowledge of operations in the Western Pacific would be beneficial to the reader to place these events in context.... [T]he book has no footnotes, so it is difficult to pinpoint the exact source of much of the information."


Fialka, John J. "Copter Faults Plagued Iran Raid Training." Current News,15 Aug. 1980, 1ff.


Fialka, John J. "Reports Attack CIA for Its Role in BNL Case." Wall Street Journal, 8 Feb. 1993, 4.


Fialka, John J. War by Other Means: Economic Espionage in America. New York: Norton, 1997.

Cooper, FA 76.3 (May-Jun. 1997), argues that "this book serves a useful purpose by drawing attention to systematic attempts by others to gather information.... But wholesale adoption of the author's information restrictive perspective would do far more damage to the American economy than has the information that foreigners have gathered."


Fidas, George C. "The Terrorist Threat: Existential or Exaggerated? A 'Red Cell' Perspective." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 21, no. 3 (Fall 2008): 519-529.

"The thesis of this 'Red Cell' analysis is that the terrorist threat to the United States and globally is real but exaggerated, and is evoking an unrealistic -- and costly -- quest for perfect immunity from it."


Fidler, Richard. RCMP: The Real Subversives. Toronto: Vanguard, 1978.


Fidler, Stephen. "Legal Cases Draw Spy Secrets out of Shadows." Financial Times, 7 Feb. 2008. [http://www.ft.com]

In Britain, "unlike recordings from eavesdropping devices, intercepts cannot be used as evidence in a court of law.... Britain is the one country in Europe, apart from Ireland, where evidence from wiretaps is not admissible in court. The intelligence services ... distinguish firmly between 'intelligence' and 'evidence', but since 2001 they have in any case been drawn inexorably into court cases, particularly involving terrorist suspects, in which some of their methods have come into the open."


Field, Edward L.

1. Retreat to Victory: A Previously Unknown OSS Operation. Surfside Beach, SC: EDMA Historical Consultants, 1991.

MacPherson, I&NS 7.4, says it is unfortunate that this memoir by a "former enlisted member of the immediate post-war OSS mission in occupied Germany" reflects the author's "minimal" capabilities as a competent historian. The unit involved was "the Regimental Reserve Liaison Detachment-OSS, 1st European Civil Affairs Division, attached to the OSS Liaison School at Bad Orb, American Zone of Occupation." Its function was locating "German citizens put on a 'White List' by OSS because of their presumed anti-Nazi sentiments or actions." These individuals were brought to Bad Orb for instruction in democratic civil administration. The explanation of all this is, however, contained in a "disjointed, illogical and often obfuscating text" that "confuses trivia with history."

2. Retreat to Victory": Book II of a 3 Volume Set. Surfside Beach, SC: EDMA Historical Consultants, 1994.

Surveillant 3.4/5: "An updated version of Book I based on recently released OSS/CIA documents on OSS/SHAEF G-5 School at Bad Orb, Hessen, Germany from April to October 1945."


Field, Judith Veronica. "British Cryptanalysis: The Breaking of 'Fish' Traffic." In Scientific Research in World War II: What Scientists did in the War, eds. Ad Maas and Hans Hooijmaijers, 213-231. London: Routledge, 2009.


Field, Roger, and Geoffrey Gordon-Creed. Rogue Male: Death And Seduction Behind Enemy Lines With Mister Major Geoff. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2011.

Venning, Daily Mail, 14 Apr. 2011, notes that "[i]n March 1943, Gordon-Creed was parachuted [by SOE] into Greece to help the Greek partisans.... In the summer of 1944 he was evacuated to Cairo via Turkey and Beirut.... From Cairo, Gordon-Creed was sent back to Britain then in 1944 he was given the task of clearing up any last-ditch Nazi resistance in newly liberated Paris and Brussels."


Fielding, Nick. "Russians to Publish Top MI6 Secrets." Sunday Times (London), 14 Jan. 2001. [http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/]

On 13 January 2001, "MI6 accused its former officer Richard Tomlinson ... of striking a deal with the Russian intelligence services to publish his memoirs of life as a spy. The book, entitled 'The Big Breach: From Top Secret to Maximum Security,' is due to be published shortly by a Russian company that MI6 claims was set up for the purpose.... A raft of injunctions and other legal actions has prevented him from publishing his book in Britain."


Fielding, Xan. Hide and Seek: The Story of a Wartime Agent. London: Secker & Warburg, 1954.

Fields, Kenny Wayne. The Rescue of Streetcar 304: A Navy Pilot’s Forty Hours on the Run in Laos. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2007.

Katz, Air & Space Power Journal 23.4 (Winter 2009), says that the author is "[a] talented writer" who "vividly conveys the facts, emotions, decision making, and sensations of a person in an extraordinary situation.... This outstanding book lacks only a map showing such locations as Yankee Station and Nakhon Phanom, Thailand."


Fields, Thomas J. "Thinking about Defense HUMINT for the Future." Defense Intelligence Journal 6, no. 1 (Spring 1997): 63-70.

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