Pamela Fessler

Fessler, Pamela.

1. "Chairmen Boren, McCurdy Urge Leaner, Revamped Operations." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 8 Feb. 1992, 316- 317.

Senate and House intelligence committee heads introduce intelligence reorganization bills.

2. "Plans Aimed at More Efficiency May Cut Quality, Panel Told." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 22 Feb. 1992, 416.

James R. Schlesinger and Lt. Gen. William E. Odom testify to Senate intelligence committee on reorganization legislation.


Fessler, Pamela. "Report Traces Byrd's Influence on CIA's Choice of His State." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 29 Feb. 1992: 481.

The CIA's plans for consolidating office space in West Virginia were influenced by the perception that Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) could/would help the process along. CQWR, 31 Mar. 1992, p. 894, adds: On 31 March, 1992, DCI Gates "put on indefinite hold" plans to relocate "6,000 agency employees to sites in West Virginia and in Virginia's Prince William County." The reason given was "the current budgetary environment."


Fessler, Pamela.

1. "Senate Clears Authorization Bill But Doesn't Push Secrecy Issue." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 10 Oct. 1992, 3183.

The Senate passed the fiscal 1993 intelligence authorization bill by voice vote on 2 October 1992. "The legislation ... expresses the 'sense of Congress' that the annual intelligence budget total be made public, but it does not force the issue."

2. "Measure Sets 6 Percent Cut in Administration Request." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 3 Oct. 1992, 3068.

The conference report passed by the House on 2 October 1992 reduces the administration's fiscal 1993 request "by nearly 6 percent, or more than $1 billion.... The bill also reflects plans to reduce intelligence personnel levels by 18 percent by 1997.... Total intelligence spending, including tactical military intelligence, has widely been reported to be about $30 billion a year."

3. "Leaner Authorization Measure Emerges from the House." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 27 Jun. 1992, 1893.

The House cuts are 5 percent below President Bush's fiscal 1993 budget request. HPSCI Chairman McCurdy "said the legislation did not include proposals to restructure the nation's multiagency intelligence apparatus because of the extensive efforts by new CIA Director Robert M. Gates this year to reorganize his agency and other intelligence operations administratively."


Fessler, Pamela. "Woolsey Gets Senate Approval; Budget Cuts, Overhaul Await." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 6 Feb. 1993, 276-277.

Senate votes 3 February 1993 to confirm R. James Woolsey as DCI.


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