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Fenton, Ben. "CIA Tries to Bribe Taliban to Swap Sides." Telegraph (London), 11 Oct. 2001. []

"CIA agents were reported [on 10 October 2001] to be trying to bribe and cajole Taliban commanders to turn against the regime in the south and east of Afghanistan."

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Fenton, Ben. "Documents Reveal Role of 'Winged Spies.'" Telegraph (London), 21 Mar. 2007. []

Documents released at the National Archives in Kew indicate that from 1940 British intelligence dropped hundred of pigeons behind German lines. Each pigeon carried "a miniature spying kit: a bakelite tube to put a message in; sheets of ultra-thin paper and a special pencil; detailed instructions in French, Flemish or Dutch on how to fill in a report." The operation, run by MI 14 and called Source Columba, is credited with providing "high-grade intelligence of German plans."


Fenton, Ben. "Ex-KGB Major Leads US War against Hackers." Telegraph (London), 9 Jun. 1999. []

Victor Sheymov, a former KGB major who defected to the United States over 20 years ago, has founded a "cybersecurity" company and "is patenting a new device to thwart hackers."

[GenPostwar/InfoWar; Russia/Soviet/Defectors]

Fenton, Ben. "Nuclear Spy Worked on Secret Trials of British Submarines." Telegraph (London), 15 May 1999. []

Peter Lee, "an American scientist convicted of spying for China[,] worked closely with British military and visited Scotland as part of a secret team working on a method of tracking nuclear missile submarines. The information available to ... Lee as a prominent member of the UK/US Radar Ocean Imaging Programme (ROIP) is almost certain to have compromised the security of Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent."


Fenton, Ben. "Stalin's Fifth Man from Cambridge Spy Ring Dies." Telegraph (London), 9 Oct. 1995. []

"John Cairncross, the spy exposed as the Fifth Man, who always said he had never passed on information harmful to Britain, died yesterday, aged 82."


Fenton, Ben. "Telegram that Brought US into Great War Is Found." Telegraph (London), 17 Oct. 2005. []

"An original typescript of the deciphered Zimmerman Telegram ... has been discovered. The document is believed to be the actual telegram shown to the American ambassador in London in 1917.... [T]he official historian of GCHQ found it while researching an 'official' history of the organisation."


Fenton, Ben. "US Officials Face Sack over China Spy Report." Telegraph (London), 25 May 1999. []

"Some of those who have seen advance copies of the [Cox Committee's] report have called for the head of Janet Reno, the Attorney-General, over her failure to follow up FBI reports that China was obtaining 'the crown jewels' of American nuclear secrets. Others have suggested that Sandy Berger, the National Security Adviser, should be fired for failing to bring the matter to the attention of President Clinton soon enough. Mr Clinton is accused of dissembling over what he knew and when."


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