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Evans, Michael. "New MI5 Unit to Crack Criminal Computer Codes." Times (London), 12 Jun. 2000. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

"A special codebreaking organisation is to be set up inside the headquarters of MI5 to crack encrypted communications and computer discs belonging to suspected organised criminals and terrorists.... It is one of the elements of the Government's Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill which is to begin the committee stage in the House of Lords [on 12 June 2000]."


Evans, Michael. "Officials Admit NATO Headquarters Was Open House for Serb Eavesdropping." Times (London), 10 Mar. 2000. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

A spokesman for Gen. Wesley Clark, the Supreme Allied Commander, said "there had never been any evidence that there was a spy in NATO. The problem, he said, was that, in the early stages of the campaign, there was a lot of sensitive information being passed around over insecure lines that could have been intercepted by the Serbs. He also said that people with cellphones were spotted standing outside NATO air bases in Italy and could have been sending back details of take-offs to Belgrade."


Evans, Michael. "Outsider Sir John Sawers Appointed New Head of MI6." Times (London), 16 Jun. 2009. [http://www.timesonline.co.uk]

"A diplomatic high-flyer with close ties to 10 Downing Street has been appointed the first outsider to head MI6 in more than 40 years. Sir John Sawers, 53, who is the British Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, will become the Chief -- or 'C', as the head of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) is called in Whitehall -- in November. He will replace Sir John Scarlett, who is retiring after more than five years in the post."

See also, Michael Evans, "After Iraq WMD Fiasco, MI6 Faces New Challenge under Sir John Sawers," Times (London), 17 Jun. 2009; and Sunday Times (London), "Profile: Sir John Sawers: Mr Suave Takes on the Terrorists," 21 Jun. 2009.


Evans, Michael. "Plot Mishaps Gave SS Spy Heart Attack." Times (London), 17 Sept. 1999. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

Previously secret MI5 files released by the Public Record Office on 16 September 1999 provide details about the Venlo incident and one of its architects, Walter Schellenberg, who would later take over "responsibility for all counterespionage operations outside Germany" during World War II. Schellenberg "had a heart attack after all the excitement" of the incident.

[UK/WWII/Services/MI5/DocRel & MI5&MI6]

Evans, Michael. "Renegade Amery Was Paid Well by Nazis." Times (London), 17 Sept. 1999. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

"John Amery ...was high on MI5's list of 'renegades' who assisted the enemy in the Second World War. The brother of the late Sir Julian Amery, the Tory MP who had a courageous war as a member of the Special Operations Executive, he worked for the German Foreign Ministry as a civilian, broadcasting and writing anti-Russian propaganda. He was hanged for his treachery in 1945."


Evans, Michael. "Russians Claim Diplomat Recruited Spy." Times (London), 25 Mar. 2000. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

On 24 March 2000, the Russian counterespionage service (FSB) named Pablo Miller, a First Secretary at the British Embassy in Tallinn, as the British diplomat who "recruited an agent who spied on Moscow for MI6.... The Russian service claimed that Mr Miller was the head of British intelligence in the Estonian capital."


Evans, Michael. "SAS 'on the Ground in Kosovo.'" Times (London), 13 Apr. 1999. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

"[I]t can be assumed that special forces elements are in Kosovo and that they are providing key intelligence to back up the rapidly improving picture of where the Yugoslav 3rd Army forces are located. The role of the SAS would be to hunt for and then pinpoint the disposition of Yugoslav troops and armoured units, as well as fixed military sites, and provide precise grid references for bomber pilots."

[GenPostwar/90s/99/Yugo; UK/PostCW/99]

Evans, Michael. "Shayler to Name More MI5 Staff." Times (London), 28 Feb. 2000. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

Former MI5 officer David Shayler "added to his allegations about MI5 and MI6" on 27 February 2000, "indicating his intention to identify British intelligence officers whom he claims were involved in a plot to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, in 1996. Mr Shayler passed two names of serving intelligence officers to The Observer, although the identities were not published because the media is prohibited from doing so by a High Court injunction." See also, George Jones, "Shayler Names Spies in Plot to Kill Gaddafi," Telegraph (London), 28 Feb. 2000.


Evans, Michael. "Vendetta Led to Leak of MI6 Agents' Names." Times (London), 14 May 1999. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

"Since his release from jail last year and his hasty departure abroad," former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson, who spent four years in MI6, "has turned himself into a one-man industry attacking his former employers and threatening to divulge secrets on the Internet that would seriously embarrass the Government.... [A]fter a six-month probation [in MI6] which was then extended for a much longer period, [Tomlinson's] 'line manager' decided that his sense of judgment, his 'lack of team spirit', and his perceived obsessiveness, were not ... suited to the role of a covert intelligence officer. He was dismissed."


Evans, Michael. "Wodehouse Was in German Pay." Times (London), 17 Sept. 1999. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

"P.G. Wodehouse was paid the present-day equivalent of £3,500 a month by the Germans during a crucial period of the Second World War and could have faced treason charges if he had dared to return to England." See also, The Independent (UK), "Wodehouse Secretly in Pay of the Nazis, Say MI5 Files," 17 Sep. 1999; Telegraph (London), "Wodehouse Faced Traitor's Trial Over Nazi Links," 17 Sep. 1999; and Alan Travis, "Payments that Forced Wodehouse into Exile: German Documents Found by MI5 Undermine Writer's 'Silly Ass' Defence," The Guardian (UK), 17 Sep. 1999.


Evans, Michael, and Grace Bradberry. "FBI Lennon File Release Breaks Security Protocol." Times (London), 21 Feb. 2000. [http:// www.the-times.co.uk]

"An American court's decision to release classified British documents relating to John Lennon is threatening to undermine an intelligence-sharing arrangement between the US and Britain, government sources said" on 20 February 2000.


Evans, Michael, and Adam Fresco. "Leaked MI6 Report Led To Student's Arrest." Times (London), 8 Mar. 2000. [http://www.the-times.co.uk]

The Special Branch officers who arrested university student Julie-Ann Davies under the Official Secrets Act "are investigating how a classified MI6 document appeared on a California-based website" in February 2000. "Davies was detained for 12 hours and released on police bail.... The MI6 document ... revealed what was known about a plot to assassinate Colonel Muammar Gadaffi ... by a group of dissident Libyan army officers. The contents of the document, which had been sent by MI6 to the Foreign Office, were seized on by David Shayler ... to back his claim that Britain's Secret Intelligence Service had been involved in the failed plot in 1996. His claim has been officially denied."


Evans, Michael, and Roger Maynard. "SAS Men Planned Rescue of Jungle Hostages." Times (London), 13 Jul. 1999. [http://www.the-times.co.uk

On the eve of an Australian Broadcasting Corporation program claiming that "SAS hostage-rescue experts were involved in the release of four Britons held for four months in 1996" in Irian Jaya by the Free Papua Movement (OPM), "authoritative sources close to the regiment [have] confirmed that four to six of its members had helped to plan the operation" but "did not take part in the mission itself."


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