Dix - Dod


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Mead, FA 83.6, notes that the author, a career USIA employee, "has written a history of U.S. public diplomacy from World War II to 1999." Although he "is sometimes too close to his subject," Dizard has produced "an extremely useful, clear, and compact introduction to a vitally important aspect of U.S. foreign policy."

For Krugler, Journal of Cold War Studies 9 (2007), it is significant that the author "was present at the creation, and he has drawn on a half-century of experience to produce an important work." This is a "definitive history.... One of the many contributions of this narrative history is Dizard's explanation of the extensive work of the Defense Department in the information and cultural field." He also "describes the USIA's perennial failure to find full acceptance and support within the executive branch and on Capitol Hill."


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"The intelligence agencies have renamed their MASINT program and will now refer to the recondite spy discipline as the Advanced Technical Exploitation Program (ATEP). The name change ... came to light in a sources-sought notice issued by the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)."


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"The obstacles to the SSGN [converted Ohio-class SSBNs] living up to its advertised capability for SOF operations include material, operational, and training.... The advanced SEAL delivery system is the biggest question mark for the SSGN program, because it is essential to the submarine's SOF capability."

[MI/Navy/00s; Navy/SpecOps/00s; SpecOps/00s]

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Kaiser, WPNWE, 25 Sep.-1 Oct. 1995, says that "when he sticks to the subjects he really knows, Dobrynin is a fine analyst and a wonderful raconteur. He has left a record of his life and his times that will enrich Cold War history for as long as anyone cares to read about it." Surveillant 4.4/5 notes that a six-page section (beginning on page 352), entitled "Intelligence Wars," discusses Dobrynin's interaction with the GRU and KGB.

[GenPostwar/CW; Russia/To89]

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This article is an excerpt from the memoirs of Vladimir Semichastny who headed the KGB from 1961 to 1967. Semichastny discusses the Penkovsky case, essentially downplaying its significance to the Soviet state or to world affairs.


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https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/intellit/index.html: "Global in its scope, this book covers some of the world's most notorious terrorist groups and their leadership -- from Belfast to Beirut, from Carlos to Gaddafi." To Jenkins, I&NS 3.1, this book offers "an unpretentious account of major terrorist movements of the [previous] two decades.... Of course, the book strays into too many familiar tales...; but as a quick reference, it is very good."


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See under Payne.


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[Analysis/Sov & China]

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The I&NS 12.3 reviewer, W. Scott Lucas, appears to belong to the re-revisionist school with regard to President Eisenhower. That is, no longer the passive Eisenhower of the pre-Ambrose days, but also something less than Ambrose's vision of Eisenhower the master strategist. Writing from that point of view, Lucas finds that "Dockrill's attempt to re-evaluate the meaning of the 'New Look' is commendable but, in the end, it becomes yet another ritual, highly selective account of US foreign and military policy." In particular, Lucas is displeased with what he sees as the author's failure to give covert operations pride of place in evaluating the Eisenhower years.


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Knouse, http://home.att.net, identifies this as "[t]he first book to be written by a Mission Commander of Special Operations Executive (SOE). The author describes some of the covert operations conducted in France from secret intelligence and clandestine action to guerrilla and open warfare."


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