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Pforzheimer characterizes this as a "scholarly work" that "traces the clandestine political opposition to Mussolini from 1924 to 1943" and "describes the Partisan Resistance in Italy from 1943."


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"The convergence of NGOs and U.S. intelligence at the crossroads of small wars has rarely been ... harmonious.... Despite serious efforts in the 1990s to institutionalize it, the relationship has remained hazardous for all the partners -- NGOs, American intelligence, and the warriors themselves."

[GenPostwar/90s/Peacekeeping; GenPostwar/00s/Gen]

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"By coupling existing threat warning capabilities with ones tailored to the cyber threat in order to address key attack precursors, and by implementing information defense improvements, effective strategic warning is possible."


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Sandor Laborc, director of Hungary's counterintelligence National Security Office since December 2007, spent six years (1983-1989) at the KGB's Dzerzhinsky Academy in Moscow. He has now become "chairman of NATO's intelligence committee, a development that diplomats said could compromise the security of the alliance." The NATO post deals with "a wide range of intelligence issues." The chairmanship is "a rotating post that is held for a year and which fell to Hungary last month."


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