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Daranciang, Nelson. "Accused Spy in Pretrial Hearings." Star-Bulletin (Honolulu), 10 Jan. 2009. [http://www.starbulletin.com]

On 9 January 2009, a federal court in Honolulu heard pretrial motions in the criminal trial of Noshir Gowadia on charges "of selling secrets about the B-2 bomber to China, trying to sell military secrets to other countries, money laundering and making false statements. His trial is scheduled for April."


Darcy, Mary. "Parole Boston, Countersign St. Patrick." Newsletter of the Revolutionary War Bicentennial Commission, Committee of Correspondence 8 (Mar. 1968) and 9 (Jun. 1969). [Petersen]

Hercules Mulligan


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Peake, Studies 50.3 (Sep. 2006) and Intelligencer 15.2 (Fall-Winter 2006-2007), identifies Fardust as "a childhood friend" of the Shah and "one of the few non-family members Reza trusted throughout his life." He later headed "the Special Information Bureau, an organization akin to Britain's Joint Intelligence Committee.... At one point he was also deputy chief of the SAVAK ... and was responsible for its reorganization.... There are several chapters on Iran's intelligence services in which their organization and operations are described in greater detail than in any other English-language source."


Darling, Arthur B.

Darling, Donald.

1. Secret Sunday. London: William Kimber, 1975.

According to Constantinides, Darling headed MI9's Gibralter operations 1940-1944. He "is good at describing how an E&E operation was conducted and is quite informative on embassy-intelligence relations."

2. Sunday at Large. London: William Kimber, 1977.

Constantinides finds this to be a "pleasant collection of anecdotes from Darling's days on Gibralter." Darling's stories show "the big and little events in an intelligence officer's life."

[UK/WWII/Med & Services/MI9]

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AFIO WIN 20-01, 21 May 2001, quotes reviewer Joe Mazzafro as calling this paper "a well written 23 page tract plus numerous interesting appendices that traces establishment of NIMA in 1996.... Besides seeing how much time it took to get NIMA established, I was also struck how the process changed and shaped NIMA from what was originally envisioned."


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In particular, see Daugherty's article on "U.S. Psychological Warfare Organizations in World War II," pp. 126-136.


Daugherty, William J.

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