Cross, James Eliot. Conflict in the Shadows: The Nature and Politics of Guerrilla War. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1963.

Wilcox: "Basic overview of the topic."


Cross, John P. "A Face Like a Chicken's Backside": An Unconventional Soldier In South East Asia, 1948-1971. London: Greenhill, 1996.

According to Short, I&NS 13.2, the main part of this book is the hunt for Ah Soo Chye, the Chinese guerrilla leader living in the deep jungles of northern Malaya. Readers also get "a rare view of the underside" of the Malaysia-Indonesia "Confrontation" from Cross' experiences as commander of the Border Scouts in Sabah and Sarawak.


Cross, John P. First In, Last Out: An Unconventional British Officer in Indo-China. London: Brassey's, 1992.

Tonnesson, I&NS 10.3, notes that Cross served with the Gurkhas who suppressed the revolution in southern Vietnam in 1945. In 1972-1976, he was the British defense attaché in Vientiene. The first part of the book "adds nothing to our understanding of what happened in Indochina in 1945-46." The second part provides an "at times fascinating ... account of the atmosphere within the ... international community of Vientiene.... Cross has some arresting episodes ... to recount, but they are drowned in the author's unrelenting attempts to satisfy his own vanity.... The normal reader is likely to be ... disgusted by the author's frenetic self-praise." It is likely that, when they become available, Cross' reports from Vientiene "will be valuable sources.... But if you do not have to read the book, don't."

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