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Couch, Dick [CAPT/USNR (Ret.)]. Chosen Soldier: The Making of a Special Forces Warrior. New York: Crown, 2007.

Keiser, Proceedings 133.3 (Mar. 2007), says that this is "a well-written inside view of Army Special Forces (SF) troops." The author "spells out the demanding selection process they undergo and the ardous training they endure."


Couch, Dick [CAPT/USNR (Ret.)]. Down Range: Navy SEALs in the War on Terrorism. New York: Crown, 2005. New York: Three Rivers, 2006. [pb]

Keiser, Proceedings 131.12 (Dec. 2005), sees this work as a "selected review of SEAL efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq." The author relates "the details of several combat operations, including insights on the rescue of Army Private First Class Jessica Lynch and the attendant publicity." This is "a fine account of exceptionally qualified and dedicated warriors."

[MI/Navy/SpecOps; MI/SpecOps/00s]

Couch, Dick [CAPT/USNR (Ret.)]. "Shore Up SOF." U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 131, no. 1 (Jan. 2005): 38-40.

"[G]iven the lead time required to train and develop a competent special operator, we are now losing them faster than we can make them.... Bottom line, we are losing our very best at a time when we are trying to grow the force to take the lead in the war on terror."

[MI/Navy/SpecOps; MI/SpecOps/00s]

Coughlin, Con. "Iran Sends More Spies to Europe." Telegraph (London), 4 May 1997. []

"Iran is intensifying efforts to consolidate its network of terrorist cells and intelligence agents throughout Europe. As relations between Teheran and the European Union degenerated ... last week, Iranian intelligence chiefs" ordered that reinforcements "be sent to embassies throughout Europe, including Britain."


Coughlin, Con. "Iraq Executes Espionage Chief." Telegraph (London), 17 Oct. 1999. []

Rafa al-Tikriti, Iraq's head of intelligence since 1996, was executed on 11 October 1999 "for leaking information about Iraq's secret arms deals with Russia." Con Coughlin, "Iraq Execution Blamed on Feud over Succession," Electronic Telegraph, 17 Oct. 1999, quotes "Iraqi opposition groups in London" for the view that the reason for "al-Tikriti's execution was the bitter rivalry between the intelligence chief and Saddam's eldest son Uday."


Coughlin, Con. "Russian Space Pictures Enable Saddam to Target Gulf States." Telegraph (London), 10 Oct. 1999. []

"Iraq has signed an agreement to buy satellite intelligence photographs from Russian firms that will enable Saddam Hussein to target his missiles at neighbouring oil-rich Gulf states."

[OtherCountries/Iraq; Russia/90s/99]

Coulson, Thomas. Mata Hari: Courtesan and Spy. London: Hutchinson, 1930. New York: Harper, 1930. [Chambers]


Coulson, Thomas. Queen of Spies, Louise de Bettignies. London: Constable, 1935. [Chambers]


Coulter, C.S. "Intelligence Service in the World War." Infantry Journal 20 (Apr. 1922): 376-383. [Petersen]


Coulthart, Ross, reporter. "['Sunday' program:] Big Brother Is Listening." Channel 9 (Australia), 23 May 1999. []

Transcript of program focused on "the UK-USA alliance" that includes intelligence organizations in the UK, the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Participants are Mike Frost (former Canadian CSE), Nicky Hager (author), Bill Blick (Australian Inspector General of Intelligence and Security), Wayne Madsen (former NSA), Jeffrey Richelson (author), and Martin Brady (Director of Australian DSD). The latter is quoted as stating: "DSD does cooperate with counterpart signals intelligence organisations overseas under the UKUSA relationship." See also, Duncan Campbell, "Careful, They Might Hear You," The Age (Melbourne), 23 May 1999.

[Australia/90s; NSA/Echelon]

Coumbe, Arthur T. "German Intelligence and Security in the Franco-German War." Military Intelligence 14, no. 1 (Jan. 1988): 9-12.


Council on Foreign Relations [Richard N. Haass, Project Director]. Making Intelligence Smarter: The Future of U.S. Intelligence -- Report of an Independent Task Force. New York: Public Affairs Office, Council on Foreign Relations, 1996.

Countryman, Vern. Un-American Activities in the State of Washington. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1951.


Courson, Paul. "Cuban Spy Suspects Select Attorneys." CNN, 17 Jun. 2009. []

On 17 June 2009, U.S. District Judge Reginald Walton "questioned a decision" by Walter Kendall Myers and Gwendolyn Myers "to use the same lawyers to fight" charges of "conspiracy to act as illegal agents of the Cuban government, wire fraud and providing classified information to Havana.... The couple said they want the same defense team... The judge accepted that they understood their decision."


Courtney, G.B. SBS in World War Two: The Story of the Original Special Boat Section of the Army Commandos. London: Hale, 1983. London: HarperCollins, 1985. London: Panther Books/Granada, 1985. [pb]


Courtney, Peter C. "To Render or Intern: Counterterrorism Methods of the FBI SIS and CIA." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 26, no. 3 (Fall 2013): 482-506.

The author argues that "legal constraints exist in the pursuit of third country rendition, excessive interrogation, and relying on the Alien Enemy Act as a legal grounding; these should be avoided in seeking a legal counterterrorism operation."

[CIA/10s/Gen; FBI/10s/Gen; Terrorism/10s/Gen]

[Cousins, Norman.] N.C. "Abolish the OWI?" Saturday Review of Literature, 26 May 1945, 18. [Winkler]


Cousins, Norman. "Elmer Davis, Director, Office of War Information." Saturday Review of Literature, 20 Jun. 1942, 8. [Winkler]


Covault, Craig.

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