Anthony H. Cordesman


Cordesman, Anthony H.  Cyber-threats, Information Warfare, and Critical Infrastructure Protection:  Defending the U.S. Homeland.  Westport, CT: Praeger, 2002. 

Nance, Engage 3 (Oct. 2002), says that the author "provides a quick tour through some of the executive and legislative history surrounding critical infrastructure defense issues as a well as a brief look at the threat (as seen through the eyes of policy makers).... In the final analysis, however, the book would be well-served by additional attention to the private sector and local government contributions, especially where industries such as financial services have invested so heavily in effective counter-measures."


Cordesman, Anthony H. The Iraq War: Strategy, Tactics, and Military Lessons. Washington, DC: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2003. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003.

Freedman, FA 83.1 (Jan.-Feb. 2004), comments that the author's "extraordinary industry and productivity, along with his clear and independent analytical judgment, command attention.... He addresses not only the course of the war, but also a range of related issues.... By taking the story up to July 2003, Cordesman also addresses the problems of transition to a type of operation in which U.S. military advantages have little effect."

For Warner, Studies 48.1, Cordesman's "book is more of an encyclopedia than a unified study.... [T]his volume was produced too swiftly for [the author] to deploy his full analytical skills." Nevertheless, he "does good service in gathering so much information between two covers." Cordesman's is the only book among those first published on the war "to reflect on the intelligence aspects of the conflict."

Reese, DIJ 14.1 (2005), opines that the author "has perfected the art of collecting, integrating, commenting upon official reports, interviews, and other open-source resources, and making all this information available in an accessible format." He notes, however, that some readers "will probably find the chapter on 'Lessons Related to Intelligence and Weapons of Mass Destruction' slightly dated."


Cordesman, Anthony H.  The Lessons of Afghanistan:  Warfighting, Intelligence, Force Transformation, Counterproliferation, and Arms Control.  Washington, DC: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2002. []


Cordesman, Anthony. "The Lessons of International Co-operation in Counter-Terrorism." RUSI Journal 151 (Feb. 2006): 48-53.


Cordesman, Anthony H. Strategic Threats and National Missile Defenses: Defending the U.S. Homeland. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2002.


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