E.H. Cookridge

E.H. Cookridge is the pseudonym for Edward Spiro. Constantinides, p. 133.

Cookridge, E.H. Gehlen -- Spy of the Century. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1971. New York: Random House, 1972.

Cookridge, E.H. Inside SOE: The Story of Special Operations in Western Europe 1940-45. London: Arthur Barker, 1966. Abbreviated U.S. ed. Set Europe Ablaze: The Inside Story of Special Operations Executive: Churchill's Daring Plan to Defeat Germany through Sabotage, Espionage, & Subversion. New York: Crowell, 1967. Mettez l’Europe à feu: organisation et action du SOE en Europe occidentale, 1940-1945. Paris: Fayard, 1968.

Bross, Studies 11.2 (Spring 1967), finds that while the author has a propensity for "tabloidese," he does provide "an appreciation of the ingenuity, persistence, and determination" that distinguished SOE's "motley assortment" of personnel. In dealing with SOE activities in France, Cookridge focuses almost exclusively on "F" Section, omitting references to "RF" Section and thereby missing "some of the most exciting episodes of the French Resistance." The reviewer concludes by questioning the usefulness of this work.


Cookridge, E.H. The Many Sides of George Blake, Esq.: The Complete Dossier. Princeton, NJ: Vertex, 1970. George Blake: Double Agent. London: Hodder, 1970. New York: Ballantine, 1982.

Cookridge, E.H. Sisters of Delilah: Stories of Famous Women Spies. London: Oldbourne, 1959.

Cookridge, E.H. Spy Trade. London: Hodder, 1971.

Chambers: "An examination of East-West spy exchanges. Cookridge is critical, but seems to avoid the ethical dilemma."


Cookridge, E.H. The Soviet Spy Net. London: Muller, 1954. The Net That Covers the World. New York: Holt, 1955.

Pforzheimer, Studies 6.2 (Spring 1962), sees this work as "[a] general review of Soviet intelligence activities."


Cookridge, E.H. The Third Man: The Full Story of Kim Philby. London: Barker, 1968. New York: Berkeley, 1968. [Petersen] The Third Man: The Truth about 'Kim' Philby Double Agent. Sheridan, OR: Heron Books, 1968.


Cookridge, E.H. They Came from the Sky. London: Heinemann, 1965. New York: Crowell, 1967. London: Corgi, 1976. [pb]

https://www.kirkusreviews.com notes that this book is about three SOE officers: "Harry Ree (cover name, Henri), Francis Cammaerts (Roger), and Roger Landes (Aristide). Each of these British officers was parachuted into a different section of France during World War II.... All three lived to tell the tale to the author."


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