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DKR, AFIO WIN 13-05 (28 Mar. 2005), says that the author "has written a well-researched and colorful account of William Melville." In 1909, when MI5 was formally established, Melville became its first head. Melville died in 1917.


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Peake, Studies 46.4, says that "Cook's account is both scholarly and fascinating reading. It qualifies as the definitive version of the life of this famous agent who was executed by the Soviets and buried in the courtyard of Lubyanka prison." For Swain, I&NS 18.3, "[t]his is almost the definitive account" of Reilly's career, "almost, but not quite. It tells the reader everything that Britain's master spy was not, but not everything that he was."

Troy, IJI&C 17.3, notes that the author has "striven to correct Reilly's record," by researching and documenting "much primary material." The book "reads persuasively and smoothly." Nonetheless, it does not answer the question of whether Reilly's life (or death) really mattered.


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