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The Royal Historical Society Database places the timeframe for this article as 1880-1910.


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Royal Historical Society Database: "Sections of the memorandum are reproduced."


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According to Lowenthal, this article finds that "the various oversight mechanisms ... have created too rigid and legalistic a system" of intelligence oversight. The author also offers "suggestions for a more flexible system that would still assure accountability."


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[CIA/70s/Investigations; CIA/Relations/Media; FBI]

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Constantinides: "In a series of essays on Canaris and German intelligence, the author tried to describe Canaris's character, his views, his role in the Abwehr and in German intelligence, and his place in German opposition to Hitler.... [T]he work is obviously dated, contains a number of errors, and misdirects attention by posing the wrong central question" -- whether Canaris had been a British agent.


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Constantinides: This account of Operation Mincemeat is "somewhat disjointed and at times elliptical.... The story of this operation was treated more authoritatively and completely by Montagu in The Man Who Never Was."


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Article provides details, ostensibly from Iraqi dissidents close to events, about the failed covert operation against Saddam Hussein in 1995-1996.


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"The Malayan Security Service (MSS) was the main intelligence agency of the British when they returned to Singapore in September 1945.... It was responsible for obtaining and collating information on subversive organisations and personalities in Singapore/Malaya. As there was some dissatisfaction over its alleged failure to forewarn the British colonial authorities of the impending uprising of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), it was disbanded in August 1948..., and its functions were taken over by the Singapore and Malayan Police Special Branches."


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From abstract: "This paper examines the counterinsurgency operations carried out by the Malayan Special Branch in southern Thailand as part of the Emergency, and the establishment of a Special Branch Border Section in Penang and a joint regional Malayan-Thai Special Branch office in Songkhla, southern Thailand, to coordiante intelligence operations against the communist insurgents."


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From abstract: "The establishment of an intelligence bureau in Singapore came about as a direct result of the Singapore [Sepoy] Mutiny ..., and in the following year the newly-established bureau was renamed the Criminal Intelligence Department and absorbed into the Straits Settlement Police."


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Official after-action report.


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The members of the commission were Dr. Yosef Ciechanover, Lt. Gen. (Res.) Rafi Peled, and Maj. Gen. (Res.) Dan Tolkowsky.


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The report is available, together with the testimony of Bobby Inman, Frank Carlucci, James Lilly, Joe Nye, William Barr, Richard Haass, and Herman Cohen, at the Federation of American Scientists' Web site:


Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community. "Findings and Conclusions." American Intelligence Journal 16, no. 2/3 (Autumn-Winter 1995): 11-17.

Also included here is the text of "Chapter 9: The Need to 'Right-Size' and Rebuild the Community" and of "Chapter 13: The Cost of Intelligence."



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