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CNN. "Pakistan Denies U.S. Request to Expand Drone Access, Officials Say." 22 Nov. 2010. []

Two senior Pakistani military officials have told CNN that "Pakistan has rejected a U.S. request to expand drone access to more of the country." However, Pakistan has "agreed to expand intelligence-sharing with the United States, including enhancement of intelligence using CIA officials in the country.... The United States made the request, to extend drone use into the western Pakistan city of Quetta and other tribal areas near the Afghan border, about three weeks ago, a senior NATO military official told CNN."

"Four suspected militants were killed [on 22 November 2010] in a suspected U.S. drone strike in the tribal region, intelligence officials told CNN. On [21 November 2010], at least five suspected militants were killed in a suspected drone strike. The [22 November 2010] strike was the 95th this year, compared with 52 strikes in 2009, according to a count by CNN's Islamabad bureau."


CNN. "Panetta Releases Statement on CIA Casualties." 31 Dec. 2009. []

"CIA  Director Leon Panetta has released a statement on the suicide bombing in Afghanistan [on 30 December 2009] that killed seven CIA employees.... Full statement from the CIA....

"CIA Director Leon E. Panetta informed the Agency workforce [on 31 December 2009] that seven of their colleagues were killed and six others were injured on [30 December 2009] at a Forward Operating Base in Khost Province, Afghanistan. The casualties were the result of a terrorist attack.

"'Those who fell yesterday were far from home and close to the enemy, doing the hard work that must be done to protect our country from terrorism.... We owe them our deepest gratitude, and we pledge to them and their families that we will never cease fighting for the cause to which they dedicated their lives -- a safer America.'

"'Families have been our Agency's first priority.... Before sharing this information with anyone else, we wanted to be in contact with each of them. This is the most difficult news to bear under any circumstances, but that it comes during the holidays makes it even harder. In coming days and weeks, we will comfort them and honor their loved ones as a family. They are in our thoughts and prayers -- now and always.'

"Due to the sensitivity of their mission and other ongoing operations, neither the names of those killed nor the details of their work are being released at this time.

"'Yesterday's tragedy reminds us that the men and women of the CIA put their lives at risk every day to protect this nation.... Throughout our history, the reality is that those who make a real difference often face real danger.'

"Director Panetta credited US military doctors and nurses with saving the lives of those wounded in the attack. In honor and memory of the dead, he requested that the flags at CIA Headquarters be flown at half-staff."

Panetta's statement is available at:


CNN. "Petraeus Confirmed by Senate Unanimously as New CIA Director." 30 Jun. 2011. []

On 30 June 2011, Gen. David Petraeus won unanimous Senate confirmation to succeed Leon Panetta as DCIA. He "has said he will retire from the military before assuming his new post later this year. For now, he will continue overseeing the Afghanistan mission during the first phase of troop withdrawals beginning next month."


CNN. "Porter Goss Resigns as CIA Chief." 5 May 2006. []

President Bush announced on 5 May 2006 that "CIA Director Porter Goss is resigning.... Goss' resignation was based on a 'mutual understanding' between Bush, national intelligence director John Negroponte and Goss, a senior Bush administration official told the Reuters news agency.... No replacement was announced."

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CNN. "Russia Launches Israeli Spy Satellite." 25 Apr. 2006. []

On 25 April 2006, Russia "launched a satellite for Israel that the Israelis say will be used to spy on Iran's nuclear program. The Eros B satellite was launched from a mobile pad at the Svobodny cosmodrome in the Far East.... The satellite is designed to spot images on the ground as small as 27 1/2 inches, an Israeli defense official said." The official added that "''This satellite has very high resolution, and (state-run) Israel Aircraft Industries has a great ability to process information that is relayed.'"


CNN. "Sources: Muslim Chaplain's Arrest Prompts U.S. Probe." 22 Sep. 2003. [http://www.]

Bush administration sources have said that "[a] military and intelligence investigation into possible security breaches at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is under way following the arrest of a U.S. Army Islamic chaplain." Capt. James Yee "has not been charged, [but] is being held in the brig in Charleston, South Carolina, on suspicion of espionage and treason."


CNN. "Sources: U.S. Spy Planes Watching Iraqi-Turkish Border." 31 Oct. 2007. []

U.S. military sources said on 31 October 2007 that "American U2 reconnaissance planes have been flying over the Turkey-Iraq border to observe military movements.... Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell confirmed [on 31 October 2007] that U.S. military and intelligence communities are sharing information with Turkey to help them fight members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, who have made cross-border attacks."

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CNN. "South Korean Spymaster Criticized for Stepping into the Limelight." 3 Sep. 2007. []

South Koreans were surprised when National Intelligence Service chief Kim Man-bok turned up in Afghanistan in late August, "saying he directed negotiations with Taliban militants to gain the release of 19 captive South Koreans." He is now "facing harsh criticism for allegedly performing his duties too much in the public eye."


CNN. "Suspected CIA Agents Ordered Jailed in Italy." 4 Nov. 2009. []

According to Italian media, "[t]wo dozen Americans -- most thought to work for the CIA -- were sentenced to five years in prison [on 4 November 2009] by an Italian court for their role in the seizing" of suspected terrorist Abu Omar in Milan in 2003. They "are not in custody, but the ruling could effectively make them international fugitives.... Cases were dismissed against the man assumed to be the CIA station chief at the time on the grounds that he had diplomatic immunity from prosecution and against the heads of Italy's intelligence service because of state secrecy provisions." See also, Craig Whitlock, "Italy Convicts 23 Americans," Washington Post, 5 Nov. 2009.

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CNN. "Toronto Terror Plot Foiled -- Canada." 3 Jun. 2006. []

On 3 June 2006, Canadian police "said they have prevented a major al Qaeda-inspired terror plot to attack targets in southern Ontario. Twelve adults and five young people were arrested, authorities said.... The detained suspects are all men, Canadian residents 'from a variety of backgrounds' and followers of a 'dangerous ideology inspired by al Qaeda,' said Luc Portelance, assistant director of operations for Canadian Security Intelligence Service, in a news conference."


CNN. "U.N. Inspector: I Also Was Bugged." 27 Feb. 2004. []

Former U.N. chief weapons inspector Richard Butler said on 27 February 2004 that "while he was in charge of investigating Iraq's weapons programs in the late 1990s, he was forced to meet his contacts in New York's Central Park because the telephones in his office at U.N. headquarters were insecure.... Butler told Australian radio he believed he was being bugged by at least four of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, adding, 'I don't know what the Chinese were doing.'"


CNN. "U.S. Intelligence Community Reveals 2008 Budget." 28 Oct. 2008. []

On 28 October 2008, the DNI announced that "[t]he U.S. national intelligence operations budget was $47.5 billion in fiscal year 2008.... The previous year’s figure was $43.5 billion."

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CNN. "U.S. Official: Accused American in Pakistan a CIA Contractor." 21 Feb. 2011. []

Raymond Davis, the "American accused of shooting and killing two Pakistani men in January[,] is an independent contractor to the CIA who provided security for U.S. officials, a U.S. official said" on 21 February 2011. "While acknowledging that Davis is a CIA contractor, the U.S. official said that Davis is not a case officer or paramilitary officer." See also, Mark Mazzetti, et al., "American Held in Pakistan Worked With C.I.A.," New York Times, 21 Feb. 2011; and Greg Miller, "U.S. Officials: Raymond Davis, Accused in Pakistan Shootings, Worked for CIA," Washington Post, 21 Feb. 2011.

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CNN. "U.S. Policymakers Mull Creation of Domestic Intelligence Agency." 20 Oct. 2008. []

On 20 October 2008, "at the request of Congress, the RAND Corporation outlined the pros and cons of establishing a domestic intelligence agency. It also discussed different ways to organize a new entity, either as part of an existing department or as a new agency."

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