Clutterbuck, Lindsay. "Countering Irish Republican Terrorism in Britain: Its Origin as a Police Function." Terrorism and Political Violence 18, no. 1 (2006): 95-118.

Deals with the period 1829-1900.


Clutterbuck, Lindsay, and William Rosenau. "Subversion as a Facet of Terrorism and Insurgency: The Case for a Twenty-First Century Approach." Strategic Insights 8, no. 3 (August 2009). []

"[I]t is crucial to understand the differences between contemporary subversion, which is directed against Muslim communities, and subversion during the Cold War, which was directed primarily (but not exclusively) at state institutions. The infiltration of the armed forces, police, and government agencies is probably a small component of subversion today. The main thrust of countersubversion, both in Britain and the United States, should therefore be on the protection of Muslim communities from those who are undermining them from within, and on building and strengthening linkages between those communities and the larger society."


Clutterbuck, Richard L. The Long, Long War: Counterinsurgency in Malaya and Vietnam. New York: Praeger, 1966.

What the British did right in Malaya and the Americans did wrong in Vietnam.

[UK/Postwar/Malaya; Vietnam/Gen]

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Hack, I&NS 14.2, p. 147/fn 2, calls Clutterbuck's "one of the best accounts of Emergency intelligence."


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