Ray Cline

In a lengthy and distinguished career in U.S intelligence, Cline served, among other assignments, as CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence (DDI) and head of the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR).

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In the intelligence community, it "has not been the operational conduct of business or the anaytical procedures followed by the intelligence agencies" that have been coordinated tirelessly, "but purely their verbal product in the form of written reports and estimates."

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Cline, Ray S.

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Clark comment: Cline is a former CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence (DDI) and head of the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR). This original version of Cline's work has been revised and reissued twice under different titles. See below. Constantinides notes that Cline's background certainly gave him the "authority and first-hand experience" to write about his subject matter. There is, however, "a slip here and there along with an occasional debatable judgment."

2. The CIA Under Reagan, Bush, and Casey: The Evolution of the Agency from Roosevelt to Reagan. Washington, DC: Acropolis Books, 1981.

This is the first revision of Secrets, Spies, & Scholars.

3. The CIA: Reality vs. Myth. Washington, DC: Acropolis Books, 1982.

Pforzheimer says that this book is the same as the 1981 revision after page 22, although the title is changed. Cline writes "with authority, understanding, and clarity" about intelligence production and analysis. He "does not include President Reagan's Executive Orders on Intelligence."


Cline, Ray S.

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