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CIABASE. P.O. Box 5022, Herndon, Virginia, 22070 (Phone 703 437-8487) ( [all information on CIABASE is several years out of date].

Clark comment: This database was compiled by Ralph McGehee, a former CIA officer who became disillusioned with his employer during the Vietnam War. [See McGehee, Deadly Deceits (1983)] In his database, McGehee has pulled together from an extremely large number of widely varying sources almost every conceivable negative reference to the CIA. CIABASE was available in Apple Macintosh as well as IBM/PC format. The search-engine is relatively easy to use.

In his Reader's Guide, Peake notes that "most of the sources are secondary," and the source "validation task [is left] to the user." CIABASE "can provide a quick first-cut response to the question, has something been published on a given topic?... Each of the 100 or so categories ... contains short excerpts from articles, books, etc.... When the CIA ... is mentioned, it is usually in a negative sense."

According to Jeffreys-Jones, "Manual Indices and Digital Pathways: Developments in United States Intelligence Bibliography," Intelligence and National Security 9, no. 3 (Jul. 1994): 555-559, CIABASE has a "sophisticated subject index to a number of books, journals, newspapers, and government documents." A January 1993 update includes "abstracts from the computer catalogue of the library system of the University of California."

See also Robert L. Youngblood, "Electronic Databases and Research on the Central Intelligence Agency in Asia," Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 26, no. 3 (Jul.-Sep. 1994): 61-65, which reviews CIABASE and NAMEBASE.


Ciechanowski, Jan Stanislaw, ed. Living With the Enigma Secret: Marian Rejewski 1905-1980. Bydgoszcz, Poland: Bydgoszcz City Council, 2005.

Peake, Studies 52.1 (Mar. 2008) and Intelligencer 16.1 (Spring 2008), notes that this "is a collection of reminiscences" in honor of Marian Rejewski, one of the Polish cryptographers who broke the German Enigma machine cipher in 1933 and gave their results to the British just before World War II. The book "is an important, long overdue contribution to the history of cryptology and sets straight the record of Marian Rejewski's role." (footnote omitted)

[OtherCountries/Poland/Enigma; UK/WWII/Ultra]

Cilliers, Jackie, and Markus Reichart, eds. About Turn: The Transformation of the South African Military and Intelligence. Johannesburg: Institute for Defense Studies, 1995.

[Other Countries/SAfrica]

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"This study concerns the relationship between intelligence and amorphous wars."


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Cimbala, Stephen J.

1. "Mainstreaming Military Deception." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 3, no. 4 (Winter 1989): 509-535.

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McWilliams, IJI&C 2.2 says that the essays in this edited volume "are uneven in quality, often redundant, and apt to deviate from the main theme.... Yet ... the plurality of voices ... makes their commonalities more impressive and more deserving of concern." The contributors here "are more or less critical of Congress, of public deliberation, and of attempts to regulate intelligence by statute."


CIND - A-L [Counterintelligence News and Developments]

CIND - M-Z [Counterintelligence News and Developments]

Cinquegrana, Americo R. "Dancing in the Dark: Accepting the Invitation to Struggle in the Context of 'Covert Action,' The Iran-Contra Affair and the Intelligence Oversight Process." Houston Journal of International Law 11, no. 1 (Fall 1988): 177-209.

Petersen: "Analysis of oversight legislation and executive orders 1976-1988."

[CA; GenPostwar/80s/Iran-Contra; Oversight][c]

Cinquegrana, Americo R. "FISA: A Reformist Success Story." Foreign Intelligence Literary Scene 8, no. 6 (1989): 1-2, 11-12.


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Ciralsky, Adam. "Scandal: Tycoon, Contractor, Soldier, Spy." Vanity Fair, Jan .2010. []

The relationship of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater (now Xe), with the CIA was not merely as "a contractor; he was, insiders say, a full-blown asset. Three sources with direct knowledge of the relationship say that the C.I.A.'s National Resources Division recruited Prince in 2004 to join a secret network of American citizens with special skills or unusual access to targets of interest.... Prince says that ... he did much of his work on spec, claiming to have used personal funds to road-test the viability of certain operations.... According to two sources familiar with his work, Prince was developing unconventional means of penetrating 'hard target' countries."

[CA/Iraq/Post9/11; CIA/2010]

CIRA Newsletter. "An Interview with Former General Counsel John S. Warner." 23, no. 3 (Fall 1999): 9-12.

Warner was Deputy General Counsel in the Central Intelligence Group in 1946 and remained in that post with the CIA until his appointment as General Counsel in 1973, in which position he served until 1976. His responses to interviewers here are not meant to be in-depth analyses, but rather snapshots.


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