David A. Charters


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The Canadian intelligence presence in Afghanistan was "[a] large undertaking for a small power, at its peak it represented the largest overseas deployment of Canadian intelligence personnel and resources since World War II."


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"This article ... describes the origins and development of Jewish insurgent intelligence organizations and their operations against the British in Palestine, 1945-47.... [T]he Jewish insurgent intelligence effort was extensive, formidable, and very largely successful."

[Israel/Ref & Hist]

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[CA/80s; MI/SpecOps]

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Fukiyama, FA 74.3 (May-Jun. 1995), notes that this book compares antiterrorism campaigns in Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Israel, and the United States. Most of these countries have "managed to cope in ways that have not damaged their democratic credentials.... The book suggests that the entire terrorist problem has been oversold by the media, both as a problem and as a threat to democracy." Choice, May 1995, comments that this "collection offers a good start toward a comparative analysis of terrorism, viewed mainly from the governmental perspective."

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Everett, MI 18.3, calls this book a "cornerstone reference about terrorism.... [Its] focus is Canada.... The chapter on 'Counterterrorism Intelligence' is one of the most useful." According to Robertson, I&NS 10.1, "most of the essays are quite wide-ranging." That, however, occasions "some disappointment," because too many of the essays "contribute little that is new or exciting."

[Canada/PostCW; Terrorism/90s/Gen]

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The individual articles from this special issue are listed in this bibliography under their authors.

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This book was first published as a special issue of the journal Intelligence and National Security, vol 10, no. 4 (Oct. 1995) (see above).


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