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Casciani, Dominic. "Stakeknife: Uncovering the Hidden War." BBC News Online, 12 May 2003. []

"The unmasking of a top-level mole in the IRA - named as Freddie Scappaticci - has peeled back another layer of Northern Ireland's secret war....

"Since 1989 there have been three huge inquiries, all led by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens, into how the security services recruited and ran paramilitary agents in Northern Ireland. His latest and most damning report concluded there had been collusion between elements of military intelligence, members of the police and loyalist paramilitaries in the murder of [Belfast solicitor Pat] Finucane and another man, Adam Lambert." See also, BBC, "Papers Ponder IRA Spy's Future," 12 May 2003.


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William J. Casey's "personal collection of papers and other private documents" have been presented to the Hoover Institution Archives at Stanford University.


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Casey, William J.

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The author seeks "to provide a glimpse ... into the crime scene examination of John A. Walker's home by a joint FBI/US Naval Investigative Service team of special agents searching for evidence of espionage."

[MI/CI/AIJ; SpyCases/U.S./Walker]

CASIS Intelligence Newsletter. "SIRC: Statement of SIRC Chair to Senate Special Committee." 34 (Winter 1999): 10-11.

SIRC Chair Paule Gauthier told the Special Senate Committee on Security and Intelligence on 1 September 1998 that SIRC's responsibilities are in the area of "review" (after the fact), rather than in "oversight" (day-to-day supervision).


Caskie, Donald C. The Tartan Pimpernel. London: Oldbourne, 1957.

Constantinides: Although he was an early member of the Garrow escape and evasion network in France, Caskie did not know at the time he wrote this book the full story behind the rolling up of the group by the German and Vichy authorities.


Caslen, Robert L., Jr., and Bradley S. Loudon. "Forging a Comprehensive Approach to Counterinsurgency Operations." PRISM 2, no. 3 (Jun. 2011). []

"The single most important prerequisite to success in future counterinsurgency operations is the establishment of conditions that facilitate and enable a whole-of-government approach forged from a unity of effort and purpose. To realize this, key governmental stakeholders must foster permissive rather than restrictive organizational environments where cooperation and coordination are the standard rather than the exception."


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