Vincent Cannistraro

Cannistraro, Vincent. "Assassination Is Wrong -- and Dumb." Washington Post, 30 Aug. 2001, A29.

Op-Ed piece from former CIA officer.


Cannistraro, Vincent. "The CIA Dinosaur." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 9-15 Sep. 1991, 29.

Op-Ed piece from former CIA officer whose departure from the organization was somewhat stormy. He argues that "[r]ecent international events have rendered the CIA an obsolete tool of national security policy. The CIA should be disbanded and its necessary functions spun off to the rest of the national security bureaucracy."


Cannistraro, Vincent M. "The Emerging Security Environment: Preemptive War and International Terrorism After Iraq." Mediterranean Quarterly 14, no. 4 (Fall 2003): 56-67. [Marlatt]

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Cannistraro, Vincent. "Undetected At Home." Washington Post, 13 Sep. 2001, A31. []

"There is little doubt now that bin Laden's terrorist cadre, learning exponentially as it suffers losses, has employed the intelligence technique of deception to mislead the United States. Bin Laden no longer transfers funds electronically and no longer communicates with subordinates over telephones, relying on couriers to disseminate funds and instructions. Meanwhile, one can surmise that bin Laden is deliberately providing disinformation over open communication channels, expecting his adversaries to be listening."


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