Canadian Press


Canadian Press. "CIA-Style Agency to Cost Millions." Hamilton Spectator, 28 Oct. 2006. []

"The head of Canada's spy agency says CSIS must expand its ability to work abroad in an era when Canadians increasingly turn up in hot spots as soldiers, hostages and refugees.... Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said in May Ottawa would either create a new spy agency or expand the mandate of CSIS. Day suggested the money needed to launch a new service -- likely tens of millions of dollars -- would not be a barrier."


Canadian Press. "Spy Agency Expanding Staff and Headquarters." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 14 Mar. 2008. []

In its annual report, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) says it "hired 100 new intelligence officers last year and is moving ahead with plans to expand its headquarters."


Canadian Press. "Spy Agency Gets New Secret Rulebook." 18 May 2009. []

"The federal government has laid down new rules" for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) "following high-profile scandals in which Canadians were tortured overseas" and "as the agency takes on more foreign operations in hotspots like Afghanistan." The ministerial directions, much of which remains classified, "cover fundamental principles, human sources, operational activities outside Canada and domestic and foreign liaison arrangements."


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