Alan D. Campen


Campen, Alan D.  "Information Operations Seeks Blend of Missives and Missiles."  Signal, Jun. 2002, 33-35.


Campen, Alan D., ed. The First Information War. Fairfax, VA: AFCEA International Press, 1992.

According to Newman, AIJ 15.1, this monograph about Desert Shield/Desert Storm has "insights and details" that "are invaluable for the future." The book includes "many cogent references and endnotes."

[GenPostwar/InfoWar; MI/DesertStorm]

Campen, Alan D., and Douglas D. Dearth, eds. Cyberwar 2.0: Myths, Mysteries, Reality. Fairfax, VA: AFCEA International Press, 1998.


Campen, Alan D., Douglas D. Dearth, and R. Thomas Goodden, eds. Cyberwar: Strategy and Conflict in the Information Age. Fairfax, VA: AFCEA International Press, 1996.

According to Osbourne, MI 23.1, this book is "an anthology that describes the evolution of information and the capabilities and limitations of information in tomorrow's world."


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