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Brooke, James. "An Earlier China Spy Case Points Up Post-Cold War Ambiguities." New York Times, 13 Mar. 1999. []

"Within two weeks, Peter H. Lee, a Taiwan-born physicist who once worked at the nuclear weapons laboratory [at Los Alamos], will complete a one-year sentence to a halfway house in California." Lee "pleaded guilty to passing classified national defense information to Chinese scientists on a visit to Beijing in 1985. He also pleaded guilty to lying to a government agency after he described on a security form a May 1997 visit to China as a pleasure trip. In reality, Dr. Lee, then a researcher for an American military contractor, met extensively with Chinese scientists."

[SpyCases/U.S./China/99 & PeterLee]

Brooke, James. "The Scientist Who Is the Talk of Los Alamos." New York Times, 10 Mar. 1999. []

On 8 March 1999, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson fired Wen Ho Lee from the Los Alamos National Laboratory for security breaches. "One scientist in Washington who is familiar with Lee's work said that in the late 1980s, he began working in the area of nuclear weapons design that looks at the triggering mechanism of thermonuclear bombs -- how the primary bomb triggers the secondary, thermonuclear, bomb."


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[CIA/80s/Nicaragua; Overviews/Legal]

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"Knowledge management is the hottest management topic around our planet right now.... Intelligence Community organizations are in the information and knowledge business, so trying to more effectively capitalize on our intellectual assets by managing them makes sense."


Brooks, Richard. "Death Threats Hit Enigma Museum." Sunday Times (London), 10 Oct. 1999. []

"An investigation has been launched after the newly appointed chief executive [of the Bletchley Park historic site, Christine Large,] received death threats following clashes over the future of the museum.... Large has recently had two telephone death threats at her home in London. The second call was recorded on tape and has been handed over to the Metropolitan police."


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Bell, I&NS 25.1 (Feb. 2010), sees the author working "systematically through the various aspects of his subject" to produce a "solid and invaluable book.... The final chapter, on black propaganda, is thin..., reflecting the slender nature of the evidence."

[UK/WWII/Overviews; WWII/PsyWar]

Brooks, Thomas A. [RADM/USN (Ret)]

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A retelling, with new material, of the Lockhart plot and associated events.


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According to Surveillant 1.3, Brook-Shepard presents "dramatic stories..., many based on previously unpublished materials and interviews." Petersen calls The Storm Birds a "useful summary of prominent cases," and notes that it includes a short annotated bibliography. Chambers sees the book as an "overview of several very important ... defectors" with "lots of useful insights."

For Cram, The Storm Birds "is not only an exciting read but is accurate in almost every respect." Brook-Shepard makes "judgments that are objective and fair." This is a "fascinating account of how and why so many senior Soviet intelligence officials defected and the impact they had on the West." Of the two most controversial cases, Golitsyn and Nosenko, "he has done a good job of sorting out the facts and arriving at fair judgments."

[CIA/Angleton/Related; Russia/SovDefectors/Gen]

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Pforzheimer says that The Storm Petrels provides a "well written study of early Soviet defectors from 1928 until the beginning of World War II"; this is an "authoritative and important work." For Constantinides, the book is "suspenseful and instructive," and "a rarity in English on the early history of Soviet defections. But it is still only an introduction to the subject and to the errors that occurred in handling these valuable sources of information."


Brousali, Dhespina, and Maria Tsoli. "Pavlos Serifis' Testimony." To Vima (Athens), 29 Aug. 2002, A8-A9. [FBIS-WEU-2002-0905]

[Excerpt from FBIS Translated Text] "Pavlos Serifis, one of the founding members of the 17 November organization,... took part in two terrorist acts (murders of Richard Welch and of Petrou/Stamoulis)."


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See positive review by Grill, History 26.3.


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