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Boyes, Jon L. "C3I and D-Day." Signal 38 (Jun. 1984): 13-14. [Petersen]


Boyes, Roger. "CIA to Return Stasi Papers." Times (London), 19 Jan. 1999. [http://www.]

The CIA "has agreed to hand over thousands of files on agents who spied for communist East Germany."

See also, Washington Post, "U.S. to Release E. German Intelligence Files," 19 Jan. 1999, A14.


Boyes, Roger. "Former Spy Chief Vanishes on Way to Inquiry." Times (London), 13 Jul. 1999. []

Holger Pfahl, retired former head of Germany's counter-espionage service and BND deputy director, "has disappeared on his way back" to Germany where he was slated "to testify in a politically explosive corruption investigation." Pfahl was to return to Munich from Taiwan for "questioning on charges that he received a kickback for the sale of German armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia" while working for Daimler Chrysler after his retirement from government in 1992. "There is speculation that he has gone to ground in mainland China."


Boyes, Roger. "Hard Lessons in School for Spies: Students Were Easy Prey for the Stasi." Times (London), 20 Sep. 1999. []

"Leipzig was the second-largest city in East Germany, the second-most important university and one of the most rewarding [recruiting] stations for Stasi agents."


Boyes, Roger. "KGB Files to Reveal Fate of Lost Germans." Times (London), 4 Feb. 1999. []

"The fate of tens of thousands of Germans who disappeared inside the Soviet Union" after World War II may be solved by the handover this week to the German Red Cross of KGB files containing the "names, addresses, death dates and the site of their graves" of more than 10,000 Germans.

[Germany/90s; Russia/90s/99]

Boyes, Roger. "Life Term for Jackal's Deputy." Times (London), 18 Jan. 2000. [http://]

On 17 January 2000, a German court sentenced "Johannes Weinrich, the right-hand man of Carlos the Jackal," to jail for life "for his part in blowing up the French Cultural Institute in Berlin 17 years ago."


Boyes, Roger. "Secret Service Funds May Have Bolstered Bonn Party War Chests." Times (London), 2 Feb. 2000. []

According to disclosures on 1 February 2000, "[m]illions of marks from Germany's espionage budget were channelled into secret party funds to strengthen democracy in Spain and Portugal in the 1970s and 1980s. Some may have flowed back to fund election campaigns in Germany." These disclosures "gave another twist to the scandal that has disgraced Helmut Kohl and rocked the [German] political establishment."


Boylan, Brian R. Benedict Arnold: The Dark Eagle. New York: Norton, 1973.


Boyle, Andrew. The Climate of Treason: Five Who Spied for Russia. London: Hutchinson, 1979. The Fourth Man: The Definitive Account of Kim Philby, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean and Who Recruited Them to Spy for Russia. New York: Dial, 1979. Rev. ed. London: Coronet, 1980, 1987. New York: Bantam Books, 1980. [pb]

Boyne, Sean. Gunrunners: The Covert Arms Trail to Ireland. Dublin: O'Brien, 2006.

From publisher: "With interviews with the dealers, agents and traffickers involved in the movement of huge quantities of arms into Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s, Sean Boyle exposes many of the little-known aspects of this part of Irish history, such as the IRA's connections to the KGB and Libya."

[OtherCountries/Ireland/Postwar; UK/Postwar/IRA]

Boyne, Walter J. "The Plain of Jars." Air Force Magazine 82, no. 6 (Jun. 1999). []

The author reviews the "covert" war in Laos, with an emphasis on the Hmong and the involvement of Air America and military aviation.


Bozeman, Adda B. "Covert Action and Foreign Policy." In Intelligence Requirements for the 1980s: Covert Action, ed. Roy S. Godson, 15-78. Washington, DC: National Strategy Information Center, 1981.

[CA/80s; GenPostwar/Policy/To90s]

Bozeman, Adda B. "Statecraft and Intelligence in the Non-Western World." Conflict 6, no. 1 (1985): 1-35.


Bozeman, Adda B. Strategic Intelligence and Statecraft: Selected Essays. Washington, DC: Brassey's, 1992.

See C. Adamitis ["Addi"] Keim, "The Missing Link: Adda Bozeman on U.S. Strategic Intelligence," Intelligencer 13, no. 2 (Winter-Spring 2003): 37-44.

Clark comment: This is a collection of eight intellectual and intelligent essays: "International Order in a Multicultural World"; "War and the Clash of Ideas"; "Covert Action and Foreign Policy in World Politics"; "Traditions of Political Warfare and Low-Intensity Conflict in Totalitarian Russia and China: A Comparative Study of Continuity and Change"; "Statecraft and Intelligence in the Non-Western World"; "Knowledge and Method in Comparative Intelligence Studies of Non-Western Societies"; "American Policy and the Illusion of Congruent Values"; and "Strategic Intelligence in Cold Wars of Ideas."

Allen, DIJ 1.2, comments that this is a "remarkable" and "fascinating book," while FILS 11.6 finds it "well worth reading." Surveillant 2.6 calls the book "illuminating.... Bozeman, a professor at Sarah Lawrence College, explains how strategic intelligence is the key to successful statecraft in foreign affairs." Warren, Intelligencer 14.2 (Winter-Spring 2005), says that this book "is worth reading by anyone who wants a different perspective on the relationship of Intelligence to American foreign policy."

Economist, 16 Jan. 1993, says Bozeman recognizes that "intelligence and the making of foreign policy have to be interwoven with each other.... This is no ordinary book of reprinted essays: it deserves to be closely studied, in all places where high policy is made." According to a MI 20.2 reviewer, the "most profound assertion the author makes is that the West does not understand the value systems of other cultures.... This is a wonderful book for students of political science, political intelligence, and policy formation."

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