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The author tells the story of Bhagat Ram Talwer (codenamed "Silver" by the British) who "started working for the Italians, switched to the Germans, the Russians and finally the British." The Nazis awarded him an Iron Cross. From late 1942 his case officer in Delhi was Peter Fleming.


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The publisher bills this as "[t]he definitive book on U.S. Navy SEALs' role in Vietnam.... Sixteen pages of rare photos show SEALs in training, on patrol in VC territory and moving up canals in the Mekong Delta."


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"Last month a chagrined CIA admitted that it had no spies in India able to tip off the agency that the new government was planning to explode a nuclear device. Now comes news that the CIA is beginning the biggest recruitment drive in its history to beef up its clandestine operations, which fell into neglect in the post-Cold War rush to cut the agency's budget. In addition, the CIA plans to reopen some of its overseas bureaus that were cut when the Soviet Union went out of business.

"This is a good thing.... The failure of US intelligence to detect the Indian bomb comes as a direct result of the overzealous cuts made in the mistaken and naive belief that with the Soviet Union gone, the need for intelligence was reduced.... The need for the United States to keep informed in the fractured and multipolar world of today argues in favor of enhancing this country's intelligence capabilities."


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"[T]here is something perverse about a pending decision to eliminate the FBIS translations."


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[MI/SpecOps/10s/15; Terrorism/10s/15]

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Unsinger, IJI&C 2.1: This is a "generalized security text for someone unfamiliar with the security field in general and industrial espionage in particular.... The style is good.... For someone new to the security topic, it is a good book."


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