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Clark comment: "ZIGZAG" was Chapman's codename in MI5's Double-Cross operation. His obituary appears in the Telegraph (London), "Eddie Chapman -- Safe-blower Who Became the Wartime Double Agent Zig-Zag and Outfoxed the Germans," 20 Dec. 1997.

MI5 has a Web page devoted to Chapman: "History: Cases from the National Archives -- Eddie Chapman (Agent Zigzag)," at: Additional documents on the case are at:

Peake, Studies 51.3 (2007), notes that the author "had the cooperation of Chapman's wife and family, and his story is full of details about [Chapman's] origins, his numerous failed business ventures, his female admirers, his Rolls Royce, and his long, but successful, battles to publish his memoirs and make a movie about his double-agent life." A Publishers Weekly reviewer (via calls this a "lively and sympathetic account" of the petty crook turned double agent. However, the author's "transparent cheerleading for Chapman detracts from an otherwise enjoyable biography."

For Gallehawk, I&NS 24.6 (Dec. 2009), this work "benefit[s] greatly from the input and reminiscences" of Chapman's "sometimes long-suffering wife and then widow." However, what makes this book "invaluable ... for this whole saga is the considerable amount of material devoted to Chapman's life after the war." This is "a very worthwhile read." See also, Macintyre, Agent ZIGZAG (2007); and Owen, The Eddie Chapman Story (1954).


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Ronald B. Sorobey, "Ukrainians Fight for France," at tells the following about Operation Marcel-Proust: On the night of 7 September 1944, five-man OSS Team Marcel-Proust, headed by Lt. Col. Waller B. Booth, parachuted into the Confracourt area to provide assistance to the Free French forces and two Ukrainian battalions that had defected from the Germans and joined with the French resistance.

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