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[GenPostwar/40s; Liaison]

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Best, Richard A., Jr. - I-M

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Hood, IJI&C 1.3, finds Betrayed to be "an excellent text on the vast and probably insurmountable difficulties involved in covert armed subversion in peacetime." One of Philby's assignments while in Washington as SIS representative "was to serve as 'commander' of the British/American committee that would coordinate the joint effort" to overthrow the Albanian government.

[CA/Europe; UK/Spycases/Philby; WWII/OSS/Balkans/Albania]

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Comments from Joseph Markowitz, "director of the CIA's Community Open Source Program Office," on Intelligence Community components hooking up to the Internet "to collect and share 'open-source,' or unclassified, information." On the use of open-source information generally, Markowitz states: "The creation of our office is a recognition that open sources are a valuable resource. As we draw back in some parts of the world, our office provides an information safety net."


Betts, Richard K. - A-H

Betts, Richard K. - I-Z

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In 1944,G-2 began dropping pairs of pigeons into northwest France, Belgium, and Holland, with notes to use these homing fowl to send information back to Britain. The return was negligible, but the German reaction actually strengthened resistance in the affected areas. More than that, the Germans concluded that the area of the drops supported their conclusion that the Allied invasion would come near Calais. The author draws some thoughts about intelligence from the experience.


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From abstract: "[T]he experience of recent campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq suggests that both IW [Information Warfare] and NCW [Network-Centric Warfare] are extremely tricky to implement in practice. Moreover, 'information' is a double-edged sword which benefits, strengthens, and enhances the operational effectiveness of non-conventional forces as much as or more than it does conventional forces."


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Raymond L. Garthoff, "Polyakov's Run," Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 56, no. 5 (Sep.-Oct. 2000): 37-40 [], discusses the deception/disinformation aspects of the FBI-Army intelligence operation using Sgt. Joseph Cassidy, described in David Wise, Cassidy's Run (2000), in connection with a similar operation run through Soviet Col. Dmitri Polyakov (Top Hat/Bourbon).


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