Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr.

Bermudez, Joseph S., Jr. "A New Emphasis on Operations Against South Korea." 38 North. Baltimore, MD: U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, 11 Jun. 2010. Available at:

"During the past twenty years, North Korea's intelligence and internal security community's organization has undergone numerous changes, most designed to secure the power and position of Kim Chong-il and to deal with increasing levels of unrest and corruption within the civilian population and the military. Recent changes during 2009-2010 -- the most dramatic reorganization in years -- seem to have been implemented to unify all the intelligence and internal security services directly under the National Defense Commission (NDC) and to secure the position of Kim Chong-il's son, Kim Chong-un, as his successor."


Bermudez, Joseph.

1. North Korean Special Forces. London: Jane's. 1988. 2d ed. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1998.

Commenting on the second edition, Moran, I&NS 14.1, describes this work as "basically an excellent handbook for those dealing with or analysing the North Korean state's subversive capabilities. However for those with a more political or sociological bent it may be too limited, as the context is very narrow."

2. "North Korea's Intelligence Agencies and Infiltration Operations." Jane's Intelligence Review, Jun. 1991, 269-274.


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