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"Earl Wahlquist, associate director of the Department of Energy's Space and Defense Power Systems Office, said [on 23 July 2002] that 7 kilograms of Plutonium 238[,] slightly more than half of the U.S. inventory[,] is being reassigned for use by an undisclosed national security agency.... [T]he Department of Energy announced in January 2001 that it planned to resume production of the radioactive material this decade. But re-establishing a production capability at U.S. nuclear laboratories will take five to six years, according to Wahlquist. In the meantime, the Department of Energy will continue to buy Plutonium 238 from Russia."


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"This article focuses on the risks associated with both using military personnel to conduct kinetic covert action and using them without a military chain of command.... Specifically, the author rejects melding distinct operational military (Title 10) and intelligence (Title 50) authorities into the often mentioned Title 60. Properly classifying actions -- either under the statute as a covert action or exempted from the statute as a traditional military activity -- ensures the correct command structure is in place. Ultimately, the analysis argues for revisiting the previously rejected 9/11 Commission recommendation to place paramilitary covert action under DOD control."


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"Full transcript of interviews with former CIA analysts" Ray McGovern and David MacMichael. In the build up toward the war in Iraq, McGovern says that "there was very little substance to the main charges with respect to weapons of mass destruction."


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Reporting main outlines of the Times (London) story.


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"As the number of former spies being exposed continued to mount" on 19 September 1999, shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe "renewed her call for a statement from [Home Secretary] Jack Straw on the disclosures."


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