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Benson, Pam. "CIA Director: Tapes of al Qaeda Interrogations Destroyed." CNN, 6 Dec. 2007. []

In a letter to CIA employees, CIA director Michael Hayden said on 6 December 2007 that "[t]he CIA destroyed videotapes of interrogations of al Qaeda suspects because they no longer had 'intelligence value' and they posed a security risk.... The tapes were made in 2002 and destroyed in 2005."


Benson, Pam. "CIA Director Says No More Contractor Interrogations." CNN, 9 Apr. 2009. []

On 9 April 2009, CIA Director Leon Panetta told Agency employees that he had notified the Congressional oversight committees that the CIA would no longer use independent contractors for conducting interrogations of terror suspects. In addition, the "harsh interrogation techniques" previously authorized will no longer be used. Questioning of suspected terrorists "will follow the approaches authorized in the Army Field Manual." Karen DeYoung, "CIA Has Quit Operating Secret Jails, Chief Says," Washington Post, 10 Apr. 2009, A3, adds that Panetta also said that "[t]he CIA no longer operates any secret overseas prisons."


Benson, Pam. "CIA Reveals Fallen Officer." CNN, 1 Jun. 2009. []

On 1 June 2009, CIA Director Leon Panetta disclosed that Gregg Wenzel, killed six years ago "by a drunken driver on the streets of Addis Ababa," was a CIA officer. Panetta "noted that Wenzel was a member of the first clandestine service class to graduate after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.... There are now 90 stars ... displayed on the memorial wall" in the atrium at CIA headquarters, "each commemorating an officer ... who died while serving the country."


Benson, Pam. "Director of National Intelligence Names Deputy to Boost Collaboration." CNN, 20 Aug. 2010. []

DNI James Clapper announced on 20 August 2010 that Robert Cardillo, DIA deputy director, will assume the newly created position of deputy director for intelligence integration. "Clapper said the new position is designed 'to elevate information sharing and collaboration' between those who collect intelligence and those who analyze it."


Benson, Pam. "Former CIA Chiefs Call on President to Stop Interrogation Probe." CNN, 18 Sep. 2009. []

In a letter sent to President Barack Obama on 18 September 2009, former CIA directors John Deutch, Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, James Schlesinger, George Tenet, William Webster, and James Woolsey urged the president "to stop the criminal investigation of people involved in the CIA's harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists."

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Benson, Pam. "Intel Chief Replaces Inspector General." CNN, 3 Apr. 2009. []

DNI Dennis Blair announced on 3 April 2009 that his office's inspector general, Edward Maguire, is being replaced by Justice Department official Roslyn Mazer.

CNN, 4 Apr. 2009, adds that Maguire has been the ODNI's first and only inspector general. Maguire told the HPSCI this week that the inspector general's office is "'not independent vis-a-vis the DNI because he can put us out of business. That is a substantial weakness in our ability to do work.'... The six-month delay between completing the report [in November 2008] and its delivery to Capitol Hill was a symptom of the office's lack of independence, Maguire said. It was held up by the DNI's 'front office,' he said."

See Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Public Affairs Office, "DNI Appoints New Inspector General," ODNI News Release No. 11-09 (Washington, DC: 3 Apr. 2009).


Benson, Pam. "Intelligence Budget Drops for First Time since 9/11." CNN, 30 Oct. 2012. []

DNI James Clapper released a statement on 30 October 2012 "revealing the budget for national intelligence programs in fiscal year 2012 was $53.9 billion, a 1 percent decrease from the previous year.... In fiscal year 2011, the United States spent $54.6 billion on intelligence, and $78.6 billion when military intelligence was added.... Earlier this year, the [DNI] announced the budget for fiscal year 2013 would drop further to $52.6 billion, an additional 2.4% decline."


Benson, Pam. "Nation's Chief Intelligence Officer Resigns." CNN, 27 Jan 2009. []

According to DNI Spokesman Ross Feinstein on 27 January 2009, DNI Michael McConnell "has resigned effective immediately." Feinstein said that "Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess, the number three official in the DNI's office, will serve as acting director until a new one is confirmed.... No reason was given for [McConnell's] sudden departure." The retired admiral has "agreed to serve on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board." Booz Allen Hamilton has announced that McConnell will "be returning to the defense firm as a vice president. McConnell had left the firm in February 2006 to become the nation's second DNI."


Benson, Pam. "Panetta Sworn in as Spy Chief." CNN, 13 Feb. 2009. []

"Leon Panetta was sworn in [on 13 February 2009] as the 19th director of the CIA."

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Benson, Pam, and Terry Frieden. "Report: Domestic Surveillance Program Relied on Flawed [Legal] Analysis." CNN, 10 Jul. 2009. []

According to a report to Congress on 10 July 2009, the government's "no-warrant surveillance program initiated after the September 11 terrorist attacks relied on a 'factually flawed' legal analysis inappropriately provided by a single Justice Department official [John Yoo].... The report was compiled by the inspectors general of the nation's top intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and the Justice Department."

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