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BBC. "The Cambridge Spy Ring." 10 Sep. 1999. []

Reviews careers and treachery of the Cambridge Five.


BBC. "Canadian Jeffrey Delisle Guilty of Spying for Russia." 11 Oct. 2012. []

"A former Canadian naval intelligence officer has pleaded guilty to spying for Russia for several years. Sub Lt Jeffrey Delisle admitted selling Canadian and Nato intelligence to Russia for $3,000 (£1,875) a month. He worked at top secret Canadian naval military facilities and had clearance to intelligence-sharing systems linked to countries such as the US and UK.... He apparently walked into the Russian embassy in Ottawa in 2007 to volunteer his services, and was arrested in January" 2012.


BBC. "Colombia President Scraps Spy Agency After Scandals." 1 Nov. 2011. []

"Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has officially dissolved the country's intelligence agency," the Administrative Security Department (DAS) , after a series of scandals.... Last month its former head, Jorge Noguera, was sentenced to jail for 25 years for collaborating with paramilitary death squads." Noguera led the DAS from 2002 to 2005, under former President Alvaro Uribe."


BBC. "E-Mail Death Threats for Ex-Spy." 14 May 1999. []

"Former MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson has told the BBC that he has received death threats by e-mail for allegedly publishing the names of MI6 agents on a US-based Website.... Tomlinson strongly ... denies posting the names of 116 agents on the Internet.... On Friday, the Sun newspaper published his e-mail address, calling him a traitor and urging readers to contact him."


BBC. "Ex-MI6 Man Gets Old Bailey Trial." 15 Apr. 2010. []

Former MI6 officer Daniel Houghton "has been sent for trial at the Old Bailey, accused of attempting to sell secret intelligence files.... He allegedly stole the files between September 2007 and May 2009" while working for MI6.


BBC. "Ex-Spy Chief to Publish Memoirs." 7 Jul. 2001. []

"Dame Stella Rimington has been given the go-ahead to become the first British spymaster to release a book about their experiences. The former head of MI5's book, Open Secret, will be published in September.... Ministers dropped their opposition to publication after she agreed to scrap a number of passages, and change others, on the grounds of national security, according to the Home Office."


BBC. "Fearsome Stasi Held Nation in Its Grip." 18 Sep. 1999. []

"The Stasi earned a frightening reputation for thoroughness as East Germany's secret police. At its height it employed 85,000 full-time officers, had records on five million East German citizens -- one third of the entire population -- and had several hundred thousand informers.... One of the abiding images of German reunification is Germans ransacking the Stasi buildings in a bid to remove all traces of the hated secret police's records. However many files were left intact and allegedly among them, were those on Hull University lecturer, Dr Robin Pearson."

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BBC [].

1. "Former MPs Named as Spies." 13 Sep. 1999.

Tom Driberg (Lepage) and Raymond Fletcher (Peter).

2. "Idealist Who Sold out His Homeland." 13 Sep. 1999.

On Vasili Mitrokhin.

3. "Jack Straw: Met MI5 Boss after Spy Revelations." 13 Sep. 1999.

A statement released by Home Secretary Jack Straw on 13 September 1999 after a meeting with MI5 head Stephen Lander "said he was informed last year of the existence" of Melita Norwood."


BBC. "Former Soviet Spy To Be Honoured." 18 Oct. 2007. []

Oleg Gordievsky, the former KGB colonel who defected to Britain, "will be made a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George" by the Queen on 18 October 2007. "The CMG is used to honour individuals who have rendered important non-military services in relation to Commonwealth or foreign nations."


BBC. "French Major Jailed as Serb Spy." 12 Dec. 2001. []

A special military court in Paris has found French Maj.Pierre-Henri Bunel guilty of giving NATO miltary secrets to the Serbs. Bunel was sentenced to 2 years in prison, with an additional 3 years suspended.



1. "Grandmother: I Was Right to Spy." 11 Sep. 1999. []

"Speaking outside her home in Bexleyheath,... [Melita] Norwood said ... she thought some of the information she had access to 'might be useful in helping Russia keep abreast of Britain, America and Germany'.... The BBC has discovered that the British security services have known of Mrs Norwood's activities since 1992. But the Home Office has denied that a decision has already been taken ... not to prosecute or interview her because of her age."

2. "Q&A: A Spy Revealed: Melita Norwood Believed Communism Gave Hope to Millions." 11 Sep. 1999. []

Exchange with Christopher Andrew on how Melita Norwood "became one of the KGB's most highly rated spies."


BBC. "Intelligence and Security Committee Wants More Power." 13 Jul. 2011. []

In its 2010-2011 annual report, the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) asked that "its remit be extended from covering the security agencies' policies, administration and finances to their operations as well." Committee Chairman Sir Malcolm Rifkind "says the ISC should become a parliamentary committee, delivering its reports to Westminster" as well as the Prime Minister.

The ISC Website,, notes that the report was forwarded to the Prime Mininister on 7 July 2011 and that it was laid before Parliament on 13 July 2011. The Report is available at:


BBC. "I Regret Nothing, Says Stasi Spy." 20 Sep. 1999. []

Vic Allen, a former leading member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) who has been named as spy for the East German Stasi, told BBC Two's "The Spying Game" that "he had 'no regrets'" over his actions. Allen "said he did pass on information about CND's activities. But he said he considered that perfectly legitimate because he belonged to a pro-Soviet, pro-East German faction of the group."


BBC. "The 'James Bond' Taking Top Job at MI6." 1 Nov. 2009. []

"Sir John Sawers has taken up his new role as head of ... MI6, bringing Sir John Scarlett's five-year tenure to an end." Sawers was most recently the UK's permanent representative to the UN.


BBC. "MI5's Mystery Man." 14 Sep. 1999. []

"So much for MI5's much-vaunted bid to be more open. Try digging around for information on Stephen Lander, the director-general of the Security Service, and there is precious little you will find."

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  BBC. "Papers Ponder IRA Spy's Future." 12 May 2003. []


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