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Wyatt, I&NS 8.2, says this book was "impossible to put down." It concerns "Bailey's activities in Russian Central Asia" in the period immediately after Russia had dropped out of World War I. The Foreign Office withheld the book from publication until 1946. This reprint is "fascinating and informative."

[Russia/Interwar; WWI/UK/Russia]

Bailey, Geoffrey [Pseud.]. The Conspirators. New York: Harper, 1960. London: Gollancz, 1961.

Rocca and Dziak call The Conspirators "[o]ne of the better and reliable works on the 'Trust' and other Soviet operations against the emigration." On the other hand, Halebian, Studies 9.4 (Fall 1965), sees this work as "[a]n uneven and not completely satisfactory account of the Trust operation, largely drawn from Western sources."

Constantinides says the part of the book on the Trust "is by and large a useful presentation of facts and interpretation.... Experts believe this is one of the best treatments of that Soviet operation, even though .. it includes some errors." But the reverse is true about the segment covering the Tukhachevsky affair; in fact, "[s]pecialists consider it quite unreliable." See pages 3-132 for the portion of this book concerned with the "Trust" operation (1921-1927) and follow-on events.


Bailey, Norman A. "National Interest versus National Security? The Case of Iraq." Intelligencer 15, no. 2 (Fall-Winter 2006-2007): 19-20.

The author argues that mixing up national interests for national security, with the latter coming into play only when vital interests are at stake, can lead to overkill, the wasting of resources, and/or the sapping of national strength.


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"Klugmann worked on the headquarters staff" of SOE's Yugoslav Section "from February 1942 until August 1944.... He was also a passionate and proactive British communist.... The preparedness of MI5 and SOE to clear him for secret work..., underlines their lack of concern about the theoretical threat to SOE's integrity that dedicated communists like Klugmann could pose."


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From publisher: "Drawing on the vast resources of the Imperial War Museum Sound Archive and featuring a mass of previously unpublished personal testimonies," this work "tells the stories of SOE agents, HQ staff, diplomats, aircrew and naval personnel in their own words."


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From Abstract: "[T]he Balkan files of Britain's Special Operations Executive confirm that SOE ... sought to resist excessive interference by the American Office of Strategic Services just as OSS sought greater involvement. Yet care must be taken not exaggerate the scope of this friction and the geographical area affected.... Contrary to the claims of the official OSS historian, SOE was not responsible for the limited involvement and achievements of OSS in the mountains and forests of Albania."


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From publisher: The author "draws on interviews with survivors, long-hidden diaries and recently declassified files to tell the full story" of SOE in Albania. "Through the experiences of individual SOE officers, including Anthony Quayle ... and Julian Amery,... he reveals the grim realities of life in the field. He looks, too, at the dilemmas faced and created as the British sought to decide which guerrillas to arm."


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[WWII/OSS/Balkans/Alb & Yugo]

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Looks at activities of the Air Force's UAV Battlelab, which "is looking for innovative ways to use" the UAV technology.


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