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Chapman, IJI&C 16.2, says that the author's memoir "provides a shocking look into this almost forgotten part of history. [Aussaresses] tells of the horrible torture methods he personally used on suspected FLN militants. But he does not give a clue as to the Algerian side of the story." For Clayton, I&NS 18.1, the author's apologia for his actions is "unconvincing." In addition, "[c]onversations of over 45 years ago are reported verbatim"; and "trivia is mixed with matters of the utmost seriousness." See also, Michael Ignatieff, "The Torture Wars," The New Republic, 22 Apr. 2002, 40-43.


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"Seventeen Canadian residents were arrested and charged with plotting to attack targets in southern Ontario with crude but powerful fertilizer bombs, the Canadian authorities" announced on 3 June 2006. "[P]olice and intelligence officials said they had been monitoring the group for some time and moved in to make the arrests ... after the group arranged to take delivery of three tons of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer that can be made into an explosive when combined with fuel oil."


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The CIA is conducting "its most intensive recruiting effort,... in a decade." In particular, it is seeking "computer scientists, engineers, and fluent speakers of Chinese and Arabic," as well as "African-American and Hispanic prospects."


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In a 5 May 1998 "classified internal briefing ... for the CIA's staff" by George J. Tenet, the DCI "outlined a new 'strategic direction' centered on the clandestine branch. Tenet pledged to hire new case officers and to outfit them with the latest equipment."


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Sheldon, IJI&C 11.1, finds that the authors' "description of intelligence gathering along the frontiers of the empire is ... the most detailed study to date.... The chapters on 'The Acquisition of Tactical Intelligence' (pp. 40ff) ... are the best and most comprehensive in the book." The biggest problem with the book is that it is by classicists for classicists: "The authors' text will be incomprehensible to anyone not intimately familiar with the workings of the Roman empire, the Latin language, and Roman history."

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The Germans achieved surprise in the Ardennes in 1944 because Allied intelligence failed to provide an unambiguous warning of an impending attack.


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"[S]peaking at the formal opening of a counter-terrorism control centre at ASIO headquarters in Canberra" on 21 October 2010, ASIO Director General David Irvine said that "[h]undreds of potential terrorist attacks on Australian interests are under investigation.... The centre aims to bring together the many streams of intelligence that come into ASIO every hour. Everything from internet chatter to phone intercepts is combed by ASIO in its attempts to stay ahead of the scores of groups and individuals threatening Australia."


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On 12 November 2013, it was announced that Rebecca Kitteridge has been appointed "director of security at the Security Intelligence Service (SIS).... She will become New Zealand's first female spy boss when Dr [Warren] Tucker retires in April next year."

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Constantinides: This work consists of the proceedings of a 1973 conference in London, with a majority of SOE participants. "Fascinating new material on British intelligence and resistance operations, capabilities, and relationships emerges from the proceedings."

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