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"The intelligence community was certainly important for the creation of the Bilderberg group, but more in terms of milieux, personal contacts and shared values than political initiative or funding." On the other hand, the Atlantic Institute "had more difficulties attracting official support. But in neither case do we find a systematic organization of a Cold War waged by covert means through these two private institutions."


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Surveillant 3.2/3: "Recreates Aubrac's last 9 months in Vichy France (1943-44), as she works with the Resistance.... First published in France in 1984 and basis for the French film Boulevard des hirondelles.... Many reviewers have deemed the translation so good, it reads as if it had been written in English."

[Women/WWII.Other; WWII/Eur/Fr]

Aubrey, Crispin.

1. "Of Course MI5 Is Lying. That's Its Job." New Statesman, 7 Aug. 1998, 14.

The author revisits the "ABC affair" of the late-1970s and the associated surveillance of the defendants, he among them, by MI5. See Who's Watching You below for a more contemporaneous exposition of the same theme.

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See also, D.L. Hobman, Cromwell's Master Spy: A Study of John Thurloe (London: Chapman & Hall, 1961).


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The authors survey a large amount of the recent literature on the U.S. decision and conclude that the United States "was justified" in dropping the atomic bomb. "President Truman was right.... [However,] like most human endeavors, it could have been handled better; the atomic bombing of Nagasaki so soon after Hiroshima is rightly open to question."


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According to Constantinides, scholars regard this work as "thoroughly researched, utilizing the best secondary sources and manuscript collections, as well as reliable and marked by good judgment.... Only the secret war in Europe is treated...; consequently, the title is somewhat misleading."


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Milivojevic, I&NS 2.2, finds these memoirs of a Czechoslovak StB officer who defected in Beirut in 1969 "fascinating." August confirms that "the intelligence organisations of the satellite Warsaw Pact states are totally controlled by the KGB." (Emphasis in original) He also makes the point, confirmed by his fellow defectors Bittman and Frolik, that the "Czech StB is highly regarded by the KGB and has long been used by it for some of the most sensitive espionage and Active Measures operations against the West."


Augustine, Norman R. "Waging Peace." U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 121, no. 5 (May 1995): 44-49.

Augustine is President, Lockheed Martin Corporation. "[T]he defense industrial base today is faced with many profound and troubling challenges.... The U.S. defense industry is experiencing a ... wrenching downsizing.... [W]e are perilously close to building a hollow defense industrial base.... The aerospace segment of the U.S. defense industry is at this moment operating with about two-thirds more capacity than it needs.... [The best] approach is to combine companies ... and operate the remaining ones at full efficiency."


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