Robert Asprey

Asprey, Robert. The Panther's Feast. New York: Putnam, 1959. London: Jonathan Cape, 1959.

Clark comment: This work concerns the Colonel Redl affair in Austria-Hungary in 1913. Armour, I&NS 2.4 (1987), notes that this is a semi-fictional novel. However, it is based on research in Redl's dossier in the Vienna Kriegsarchiv, and represents "a sober and conscientious reconstruction of Redl's career." Schindler, IJI&C 18.3 (Fall 2005), calls this "more fiction than fact." An unsigned review in Studies 4.2 (Spring 1960) says that The Panther's Feast "makes little contribution to a professional understanding of this famous espionage case." This "is neither sound biography nor good fiction."


Asprey, Robert B. "Special Forces: Europe." Army 12 (Jan 1962): 56-61.


Asprey, Robert B. War in the Shadows: The Guerrilla in History. 2 vols. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1975. Revised and updated. 1 vol. Fairfield, NJ: William Morrow, 1994.

Petersen sees War in the Shadows as a "masterful account of irregular warfare from ancient times to Vietnam." Commenting on the 1994 edition, Surveillant 3.6 says this is a "must have, benchmark work, now updated and expanded to include guerrilla activity since the original publication." The book includes a "comprehensive and hard-hitting strategic evaluation of the Vietnam War."

For Bradford, Air & Space Power Journal (2008), the revised version remains "the most definitive study of guerrilla warfare available." Asprey "brilliantly imparts lessons of guerrilla warfare, its causes and effects, and victories and defeats. His reminders to the military about going off to an unconventional war half-cocked contain some of the most valuable military thinking of our time. War in the Shadows is ... a usable doctrinal text of events that, while historically embedded, continue to speak to the contemporary experience of unconventional warfare."


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