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Armbrister, Trevor.

1. A Matter of Accountability: The True Story of the Pueblo Affair. New York: Coward-McCann, 1970.

Pforzheimer found this book to be "informative and interesting..., well-researched, readable, and objective." However, he notes that Armbrister "cannot make a comprehensive assessment of the considerable loss of U.S. intelligence data and equipment." This weakness is also noted by Constantinides, who generally accepts A Matter of Accountability as "a first-rate piece of work considering the relatively short time between the event he describes and the book's appearance."

2. "The Pueblo Crisis and Public Opinion." Naval War College Review 24 (Mar. 1971): 84-110. [Petersen]


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3. "No More Pueblos?" 106 (16 Aug. 1969): 10 ff.


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This is an early description of the DIA's rationale, functions, and activities.


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Armistead, Edwin L., ed. [LCDR/USN] Information Operations: Warfare and the Hard Reality of Soft Power. Washington, DC: Brassey's, 2004.

DKR, AFIO WIN 19-04 (7 Jun. 2004), says that the author's work "fills an important gap in IO literature by analyzing the military, technological, and psychological aspects of information operations and as such serves as a textbook for military IO professionals. The general reader, too, has much to learn from this work about how IO has affected foreign policy, military operations, and government organization in recent years."


Armor, M.H., Jr. "Where Will It Hurt the Most?" Military Review 35 (Oct. 1955): 37-44. [Petersen]


Armour, Ian D. "Colonel Redl: Fact and Fantasy." Intelligence and National Security 2, no. 1 (Jan. 1987): 170-183.

The author concludes that the movie Colonel Redl, made by Hungarian director Istvan Szabo about a pre-World War I Russian spy in Austria-Hungary, "is nothing but a vast and pointless fiction, which, by building its story around the skeleton of real events, gives fantasy the veneer of truth." Also see Asprey, The Panther's Feast (New York: Putnam, 1959), on the Redl affair.


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